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Energy and environmental services – EVN’s two operating business areas

In the energy business, EVN follows an integrated business model that covers the entire value chain in this area. The related activities include energy generation, the operation of energy distribution networks and the delivery of energy to end customers. The company is active in the areas of electricity, natural gas and heat – with different focal points in the individual markets.

Activities in the environmental services business include drinking water supplies and waste incineration (operation of a thermal waste utilisation plant in Zwentendorf/Dürnrohr with an annual capacity of 500,000 t) in Lower Austria. EVN is also positioned in the international project business through its German subsidiary WTE Wassertechnik GmbH. As one of the leading European service companies for water and environmental services projects, WTE plans and constructs energy-efficient, resource-conserving and ecologically optimised plants for drinking water supplies, wastewater disposal and thermal waste utilisation. Plant operations and the arrangement of project financing complement this wide field of services in the international project business.

International project business for environmental services (as of 30 September 2016)

  • Six wastewater disposal projects in Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic under construction
  • Ongoing operation of four drinking water supply plants in Germany, Montenegro and Russia
  • Ongoing operation of 21 wastewater disposal plants in Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Cyprus
  • Ongoing operation of a thermal waste utilisation plant in Russia (Moscow: annual capacity 360,000 t)



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