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Corporate values and standards of behaviour

Based on its corporate values and clear goals, EVN follows a strategy that is focused on the interests of its stakeholders.

Our vision

As an energy company and environmental services provider, EVN meets the daily needs of its customers and makes a sustainable contribution to their quality of life by delivering reliable, high-quality services. We want to provide our customers with the customary supply security, not only at the present time but also in the future. In doing so, top priority is given to actions that protect the environment and climate because that is the only way to ensure our sustainable economic success over the long run.

Our mission

The realisation of our vision includes respect for the needs of all our stakeholders.

For our customers, we offer competitive prices and highest-quality products and services. For our shareholders, we aim to achieve a sustainable increase in value. For our employees, we create attractive working conditions. With our stakeholders, we maintain an active dialogue, and our business relations with suppliers are based on a cooperative partnership. That allows us to achieve and maintain high social acceptance.

Environmental and climate protection play a central role in all our activities. We rely on outstanding know-how, a high level of efficiency, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a constant drive to innovate to ensure the responsible use of natural resources and the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions. This forms the basis for sustainable performance in the provision of electricity, natural gas, heat, drinking water, wastewater treatment and waste utilisation services.

EVN has expanded its business activities from Lower Austria into Central and South Eastern Europe. Our objective is to realise sustainable success also in these new markets based on the application of our proven principles and values.

Our principles and values

In addition to our vision and mission, a number of other binding documents define the framework for EVN’s behaviour and actions:

  • GRI indicator: Values, principles, standards and norms of behaviour (G4-56)



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