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Sustainability in the corporate strategy

EVN’s strategic focus is closely aligned with the interests of internal and external stakeholders. The harmonisation of the corporate strategy and stakeholder interests is based on the materiality matrix. This systematic presentation of the most important sustainability issues from the viewpoint of management and external experts was last revised and updated following the stakeholder survey in 2014. The sustainability issues are anchored in the corporate strategy and in EVN’s core business based on the six main areas of activity in the materiality matrix:

  • Supply security
  • Focus on customers
  • Environmental protection and resource conservation
  • Responsible employer
  • Sustainable energy generation and climate protection
  • Sustainable increase in shareholder value

The next stakeholder survey is currently in preparation for 2017. The results will be used to update the form and content of the EVN materiality matrix.

  • GRI indicators: Boundaries for material aspects inside and outside the organisation (G4-20 and 21)



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