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As a responsible energy and environmental services provider, EVN is committed to ensuring well-balanced and equal treatment of the interests and requirements of all stakeholder groups.

A proactive dialogue allows EVN to identify the expectations and diverse demands of its various stakeholders, to recognise risks at an early stage and to make use of opportunities. It also supports the establishment, maintenance and strengthening of good relations with stakeholders. Stakeholder management is viewed not as an obligation, but as the foundation of sustainable management. It also forms the basis for the development of effective strategies for the company’s advancement and ongoing sustainability process.

For EVN, successful stakeholder management means:

  • Support for the feasibility of projects
  • Reduction of risks and image threats
  • Positive perception of the company and its activities
  • High appeal and high acceptance by internal and external stakeholders

The core of EVN‘s stakeholder management is based on strong relationships between the managers of the various strategic business units and departments and the stakeholders and representatives of these groups. The stakeholder groups relevant for EVN are identified, ranked by priority and reviewed every three years in an internal workshop. The following diagram shows EVN’s stakeholder groups in the form of an ellipse whose five dimensions reflect the perceived closeness to and influence on the company.

  • GRI indicators: List of stakeholders (G4-24); Identification of stakeholder groups (G4-25)

In order to also ensure the regular inclusion of stakeholders at the strategic level, EVN developed a guideline for stakeholder management in 2015. Workshops were held together with the respective internal contact partners to identify and record the relevant communication activities and channels for each stakeholder group. Included here are:

  • Project-related working groups
  • Mediation with regional citizens’ initiatives
  • Systematic surveys
  • Regular newsletters and newspapers

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board is supported in the continuous exchange on sustainability issues by institutionalised advisory boards such as the EVN Advisory Board for Environment and Social Responsibility, the EVN Customer Advisory Board, the EVN Social Fund and the EVN Art Advisory Board. The Advisory Board for Environment and Social Responsibility includes independent external and internal experts as well as staff representatives. For issues involving social commitment, the Executive Board can draw on the know-how of the external experts who are members of the EVN Social Fund. The Customer Advisory Board, a further counselling body, was established in 2011 to intensify the dialogue with customers: its 24 members are elected every two years and represent the interests of customers from Lower Austria. The EVN Art Advisory Board deals with issues related to culture. EVN has also installed a structured complaint management system for customers as well as other stakeholders. Employee-related issues are handled through extensive communications and cooperation between management and the works council.

  • GRI indicator: Processes for consultation between stakeholders and the highest governance body (G4-37)

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