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Regular surveys of current issues

The systematisation and structuring of stakeholder relationships requires the identification of the most important issues for stakeholders at regular intervals. To this end EVN has carried out specific stakeholder surveys since 2010. In keeping with the three-year cycle, the next survey will take place in 2017. The results help to identify the most important sustainability topics and to develop a focused, strategic orientation for EVN’s sustainability activities. The surveys also make a valuable contribution to the early identification of key economic, social and ecological issues. The results flow directly into EVN’s strategy in the form of strategic areas of activity.

EVN held in-depth focus group workshops in the 2015/16 business year on the following areas of activity: “supply security”, “focus on customers” and “sustainable energy generation and climate protection”. The discussions and work at these sessions dealt, above all, with “customer service and ties”, “products and services”, “corporate strategy and goals” as well as “brands and brand positioning”. Overall, EVN organised two workshops with external stakeholders and one workshop with company managers and staff during the reporting year. The workshops began with the identification of the current status of the respective issue and continued with the development of a target image and measures to reach this target.

  • GRI indicators: Definition of the report content (G4-18); Engagement of stakeholder groups and results of stakeholder engagement (G4-26 and 27)
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