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Customer Advisory Board

The EVN Customer Advisory Board forms the basis for an intensive dialogue with customers and provides an opportunity to learn more about customers’ opinions, concerns and needs. This direct exchange supports EVN’s continuous efforts to increase customer satisfaction. The Customer Advisory Board plays a key advisory role in the process, draws attention to current trends and issues, contributes fresh ideas and recommendations and, in this way, has an important influence on the design of services, products and communication measures at EVN.

In its two meetings with EVN employees and the Executive Board in 2015/16, the Lower Austrian Customer Advisory Board developed recommendations for issues such as the newly opened service centres, the tariff information on the homepage and the new EVN Bonus World.

The EVN Customer Advisory Board in Bulgaria was elected for the second time in 2015. Two meetings have been held each year at different locations in the supply area since the start of the initiative, during which the 24 members exchanged information, criticism and ideas with EVN’s representatives. Specific recommendations were also developed for the improvement of products and services. In view of the positive experience in EVN’s other supply areas, the installation of a Customer Advisory Board is also planned for Macedonia.



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