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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an issue of great importance for EVN in all its markets. In addition to personal and telephone contacts with customers, electricity invoices that are easy to understand and clearly organised, detailed information on the homepage and regular customer satisfaction analyses are further instruments used by EVN to justify customers’ far-reaching trust and to meet their high expectations.

Customer service plays an important role in the success of a company, and EVN wants to distinguish itself from the competition through its strong commitment in this area. EVN underscored this commitment by again taking part in an international customer service week, which was held in Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and, for the first time, also in Croatia at the beginning of October 2016. This well-known international event attracted several thousand companies from 40 countries worldwide and focused on the importance of customer satisfaction and employees in customer-related business areas. The customer service week included internal activities in all countries for the employees involved in direct customer contacts and other staff members interested in customer service.


EVN’s customer service in Austria received roughly 655,000 (previous year: 642,000) telephone enquiries and 126,000 (previous year: 120,000) e-mail enquiries during the financial year 2015/16. Providing the best possible service in handling these customer contacts is a matter of course for EVN, and systematic surveys have been carried out for many years to measure customer satisfaction and form the basis for continuous improvement. The data and long-term trends show the general developments in customer satisfaction and permit the analysis of relevant business transactions. The results provide valuable information on suggestions for improvement, which are discussed with the involved departments to define approaches for future measures.

In 2015 roughly 4,300 household customers and 1,200 commercial customers in Lower Austria were surveyed to determine their satisfaction with EVN. The overall satisfaction was rated at an average of 1.78 (on a five-step scale ranging from 1 = very satisfied to 5 = not satisfied at all). These results almost reached the very good prior year value of 1.75, indicating that satisfaction remains at a high level. Satisfaction with EVN’s price-performance ratio, an important indicator of basic customer satisfaction and loyalty, was rated even higher this year. Additional strengths of EVN, according to the surveyed customers, were the high supply security, good customer service over the telephone and in eliminating supply disruptions as well as the customer magazine “EVN Journal”.

EVN‘s Customer Loyalty Index, which is calculated on a monthly basis, measures customer loyalty based on various indicators. The goals of this strategic monitoring instrument are to recognise changes in customer loyalty, identify the causes and react quickly with suitable measures. This monitoring indicated particularly strong loyalty among customers with a detailed knowledge of EVN’s supplementary services.

A quality improvement programme has been in place for many years to verify compliance with internal quality standards in responding to customer enquiries and complaints. An external market research institute contacts customers and asks them to report their experiences with EVN’s customer orientation and service quality. A total of 1,850 telephone and personal mystery shopping tests were carried out during the reporting year. This review was designed to analyse the quality of services under specific scenarios and identify opportunities for improvement that can be transformed into concrete measures.

Bulgaria and Macedonia

The customer service staff at EVN Bulgaria responded to roughly 487,000 (previous year: 547,000) telephone enquiries and nearly 23,100 (previous year: 22,000) e-mail enquiries in 2015/16. The comparable figures for EVN Macedonia were approximately 424,000 (previous year: 444,600) telephone enquiries and 48,638 (previous year: 36,700) e-mail enquiries.

In Bulgaria, the customer survey based on the net promoter score method was continued in the financial year 2015/16. Its goal is to evaluate customer satisfaction and loyalty based on the probability of recommendations. The survey was carried out by the call centre staff of EVN Bulgaria and covered roughly 2,800 customers. It focused on issues such as new connections, customer service, remote reading, services and the elimination of supply disruptions. The results were used to implement organisational improvements.

In Macedonia, 4,751 interviews (previous year: 6,350) and 1,521 mystery shopping tests (previous year: 1,350) were carried out during the reporting year to evaluate customer satisfaction. The results of these surveys and additional internal quality analyses were integrated directly in improvement and optimisation programmes.

EVN Bulgaria continued its “EVN next to you” customer satisfaction programme, which organises meetings between representatives of EVN Bulgaria and its customers in their home cities and villages. These meetings give customers a platform to discuss basic concerns and problems in their respective region with qualified EVN contact partners.

  • GRI indicator: Operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programmes (G4-SO1)



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