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Product responsibility


Similar to the corporate policy statement and the environmental policy statement, the principles of product responsibility represent an integral part of EVN’s central mission statements. This underscores their key importance in the Group’s value hierarchy. The EVN key values – ensure, encourage, enable – also highlight the importance of the EVN brand promise, which can only be met with the commitment of all employees.

In the energy business, EVN offers a broad range of specially designed solutions. The options allow customers to choose the best model for their particular needs from various tariffs that offer, for example, fixed or variable energy prices or electricity from 100% renewable sources or from biogas.

Electricity price structure
in Lower Austria1)

Natural gas price structure
in Lower Austria1)

Product and service labelling

In accordance with electricity labelling regulations, EVN’s customer invoices in Austria include information on the origin of the electricity supplies as well as the environmental impact (CO2 emissions and radioactive waste) of their generation. A review by KPMG Austria GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, Vienna, of the electricity labelling on the invoices issued by EVN Energievertrieb GmbH & Co KG confirmed the proof of Austrian origin for all electricity volumes delivered in 2014/15. The comparative data for 2016 will only be available after the editorial deadline for this annual report.

The labelling calculation was converted to calendar years as of 31 December 2015. The environmental impact of the supply mix used by EVN Energievertrieb GmbH & Co KG in 2015 totalled 201.76 g/kWh of CO2 emissions (2013/14: 116.46 g/kWh) and 0 mg/kWh (2013/14: 0 mg/kWh) of radioactive waste. Since the production and sale of electricity generated by nuclear power plants is a controversial issue in public opinion, EVN has been committed for many years to an energy mix without any nuclear-generated or grey electricity.

  • GRI indicators: Product information (G4-PR3); Sale of banned or disputed products (G4-PR6)

Customer health and safety

The responsible approach followed by EVN along the entire value chain minimises the potential risks associated with the impact of the company’s products on health and safety. Quality management plays an important role in this process through its focus on the definition of and compliance with high standards for the (further) development of the product portfolio, innovation, research and development activities as well as processes for the certification, manufacture, production, distribution, marketing, sales promotion, use, maintenance, disposal and recycling of products. All categories of products and services are continuously monitored with respect to customer satisfaction, health and safety based on comprehensive quality assurance procedures.

  • GRI indicator: Effects on health and safety throughout the product life cycle (G4-PR1)

Despite the extensive safety precautions taken by the company, failure to comply with the related safety instructions can lead to accidents. During the reporting year, two non-company persons working in the supply area of Netz Niederösterreich GmbH came in contact with an overhead line while unloading sewage sludge and while working on a crane, but sustained no visible injuries.

  • GRI indicator: Injuries and fatalities of individuals (customers, neighbours, general public; EU25)



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