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Investor Relations

EVN works to strengthen the long-term confidence in its share and bonds with active communication, target group-oriented information for all capital market participants and consistent dividends. These efforts are further supported by ratings in the good investment grade area.

Investor Relations

EVN’s capital market activities are based on a commitment to providing timely, transparent, understandable and substantial information. Investor relations activities are focused, in particular, on systematic and active communication with all capital market participants. These communications include quarterly telephone conferences in connection with the publication of results as well as regular meetings with analysts and investors at international road shows and investor conferences. EVN believes in tailoring its communication media to the different needs of the various stakeholder groups and gives special attention to sustainability-oriented investors and their information requirements. In this way, the Executive Board and the investor relations team pursue the goal of continuously improving the awareness of and understanding for EVN and strengthening the long-term confidence in the EVN share.

Numerous international banks publish regular analyses on EVN, which cover the development of business and recommendations for the price potential of the share. As of 30 September 2016, the EVN share had four “buy“ and two “hold” recommendations with an average target price of EUR 12.00.



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