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Creation of value for society

As a listed company and as a provider of energy and environmental services, EVN generates numerous direct and indirect positive effects for the society in its supply areas. EVN makes a direct financial contribution to the economies in which it operates through salaries, payments to suppliers, dividends and taxes.

EVN Social Fund

EVN also meets its responsibility to its various stakeholder groups through numerous initiatives outside the operating business. The EVN Social Fund, which has an annual endowment of EUR 100,000, supports institutions in Lower Austria that work with children and adolescents. Decisions on the projects to be sponsored are taken based on a criteria catalogue by an expert committee that meets twice each year. Their recommendations for the use of funds are made unanimously to the Executive Board and led to the selection of 14 projects with a total value of EUR 95,475 during the reporting year.

EVN is also active outside its home market of Lower Austria and provides support, above all, for day care centres, children’s homes and schools in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia. For example, the campaign “EVN for Bulgaria 2015” focused on volunteer activities by employees. Supported by the company, more than 420 employees took part in 60 voluntary initiatives at 28 villages and towns in southeast Bulgaria. Support was provided, among others, for family-like accommodations for children, senior citizens’ residences, centres for handicapped children, day care facilities, schools, a centre for refugees, community centres, theatres and museums.

  • GRI indicators: Indirect economic impacts (G4-EC8); Directly generated and distributed economic value (G4-EC1)

Investments and services in the public interest

EVN invested EUR 315.4m (previous year: EUR 322.7m) in the expansion and modernisation of its infrastructure and generation plants during 2015/16. Most of these investments are intended to improve supply security and are therefore in the public interest. In addition, many of the EVN power plants are open for visits by the general public. For example, the nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf which never went into operation is available for tours and for educational and training purposes by private persons and companies. EVN’s commitment to social responsibility is also visible in special projects for children and young people on the many subjects related to energy and its responsible use.

  • GRI indicator: Infrastructure investments and services primarily in the public interest (G4-EC7)

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Public subsidies

EVN invested EUR 1.6m (thereof 14.4% from public funding) in innovation, development, and research projects during the reporting year. In cases where individual laws allow for the utilisation of incentives, e.g. the Green Electricity Act or research and development tax credits, EVN evaluates the related conditions and applies for financial support for specific projects where possible.



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