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Sustainable energy generation and climate protection


Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions

The direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions in this chapter are calculated according to the rules and factors defined in the EU Emission Trading Guideline for the individual countries and cover all CO2 emissions. The calculation is based on the primary energy carriers used and the given emission factors. The allocation of emissions to the individual categories (scopes) follows the recommendations issued by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) of the World Resource Institute (WRI).

The absolute volume of direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) totalled 3,076,337 t CO2 in 2015/16 (previous year: 2,396,633 t CO2). The increase resulted from the significantly higher demand for thermal production to support network stabilisation.

Measures to reduce greenhouse gas relevant emissions

EVN is continuously investing in projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These investments help to meet the strategic goal for raising the share of environmentally friendly energy generation through the further expansion of renewable generation capacity, above all from wind and biomass.

MeasureAnnual CO2 savings
Expansion of windpower plants
Commissioning in 2015/16approx. 28,200 t CO2
Planned commissioning by 2017/18approx. 67,000 t CO2
Expansion of biomass plants
Commissioning in 2015/16approx. 1,900 t CO2
Planned commissioning by 2016/17approx. 7,500 t CO2

Efficiency of EVN’s power plants

The average efficiency level (per cent of the actual transformation of fuel into electricity or heat) of EVN’s natural gas-fired power plants in Austria and Bulgaria in 2015/16 equalled 55.1%1) (previous year: 70.4%). This decline was due to maintenance and repair works at the Theiss power plant. The comparable value for EVN’s coal-fired power plants averaged 51.9% (previous year: 53.6%).
1) Value weighted by capacity

Direct GHG emissions (Scope 1)1)2015/162014/152013/14
Austria and Germanyt CO22,921,4732,232,2582,058,900
Bulgariat CO2152,677162,109154,198
Macedoniat CO22,1872,2662,465
Totalt CO23,076,3372,396,6332,215,563
t CO2 /GWh381.37334.31336.21
Indirect GHG emissions (Scope 2)1)2015/162014/152013/14
Austria and Germanyt CO2151,266126,222110,248
Bulgariat CO250,72352,78253,374
Macedoniat CO23,9243,9334,051
Totalt CO2205,913182,937167,674
t CO2/GWh340.12336.27358.79
Other indirect GHG emissions (Scope 3)1)2015/162014/152013/14
Totalt CO2 6,024,5566,376,7387,045,323
t CO2/GWh329.36302.53318.76
Intensity of GHG emissions1)2015/162014/152013/14
Total CO2 emissionst CO2/GWh397.29378.82385.97

Specific emissions of the EVN thermal and
district heating (power) plants1)

  • GRI indicators: Direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1) (G4-EN15); Indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 2 and 3) (G4-EN16, G4-EN17); Intensity of greenhouse gas emissions (G4-EN18); Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (G4-EN19); NOx, SOx and other significant air emissions (G4-EN21)



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