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Working and living with EVN

Work-family balance

EVN provides active support for its employees in their efforts to achieve the best possible work-family balance. This applies, not least, to employees who are considering taking advantage of legally entitled parental leave. Their return to work is facilitated by contacts with EVN throughout the leave period, for example through specific information events or participation in EVN’s extensive training programme. Parents can also choose to work part-time and adapt their working hours to meet their personal needs. These flexible arrangements create advantages for both sides: EVN is able to utilise the know-how of its qualified employees during the intensive childcare phase and thereby ensures the profitability of its investments in training and professional development. From the parents’ point of view, close ties and regular contacts with the company ease re-entry and keep their professional expertise up to date.

EVN offers opportunities for parental leave that extend beyond legal entitlements and allow for time-out until the child is 36 months of age. Men are also increasingly using the available models: in 2015/16, 15 men and 43 women were on parental leave. As a result of these individual solutions, nearly all mothers and fathers at EVN AG, Netz Niederösterreich GmbH, EVN Wärme, Kabelplus, EVN Abfallverwertung and EVN Business Service return to the company after this leave. No employees left the company after the parental leave during the reporting year (previous year: no resignations after parental leave).

Another offering to simplify re-entry after parental leave is EVN’s parent-and-child office, which allows employees to bring their children to work in times of difficult childcare situations. This special office is equipped with two fully functional workstations as well as child-friendly furnishings – and provides parents as well as children with an attractive environment.

For children from six to twelve years of age, the popular four-week vacation programme “Holidays@EVN” was repeated for the sixth time in summer 2016. This programme was held at the EVN corporate headquarters and adjoining green areas and in St. Pölten. More than 60 children of EVN employees enjoyed a diverse programme of games and handicraft activities, excursions and a theatre workshop, which were organised together with the “Family Business” initiative. More than 300 children have enjoyed these 17 weeks of vacation programmes over the past six years.

  • GRI indicator: Employees returning to work after parental leave (G4-LA3)

Additional benefits

The employees in a number of EVN companies are also entitled to voluntary benefits independent of their age, gender or the scope of employment. Included here are supplementary health insurance and the EVN pension fund:

  • EVN pension fund: EVN provides entitled employees with a supplement to legal pension insurance (“ASVG” pension) through a company-operated pension fund. The fund gives employees the opportunity to accumulate additional retirement benefits in the form of a private pension with the support of the company. In this way, EVN participates in securing the retirement income of its workforce. The EVN pension fund is a defined contribution scheme, in which the amount of the future pension is derived from the employer and employee contributions up to the date of retirement. EVN’s responsibility as an employer is also illustrated by the pensions provided for its employees in Bulgaria, where voluntary pension insurance was introduced for all full-time and part-time employees.
  • Supplementary health insurance: Another voluntary benefit provided by EVN for its employees is the opportunity to conclude supplementary health insurance at favourable conditions. A framework agreement with an Austrian insurance provider guarantees optimal medical care for all participating employees.

A total of EUR 16.2m was spent on employee benefits (pension contributions, other employee benefits) in 2015/16 (previous year: EUR 12.1m), which represents 5.2% of personnel expenses (previous year: 3.9%).

  • GRI indicators: Company defined benefit plan obligations (G4-EC3); Benefits for full-time employees only (G4-LA2)



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