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Human resources development

EVN’s business performance is based on its highly qualified and motivated employees. Not only their know-how, but also their motivation and their continuous readiness to learn play an important role in the company’s sustainable success. Maintaining and increasing employees’ high levels of expertise therefore represent a focal point of human resources activities. The EVN Academy was founded to organise the training and continuing education programmes in Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia. As part of this initiative, each area of the company has designated specific employees to serve as training coordinators. Their assignment is to assess the development needs of their colleagues, submit the results to the EVN Academy teams and coordinate qualification programmes.

  • GRI indicator: Programmes for knowledge management and lifelong learning (G4-LA10)

Continuous training and education

EVN invested a total of EUR 1.8m (previous year: EUR 1.9m) in continuous training and education during 2015/16, which represents EUR 263.4 (previous year: EUR 275.7) per employee. Each employee spent an average of 27.2 hours (previous year: 30.7 hours) on these programmes.

The offering in Lower Austria concentrated on specialist seminars and modules to strengthen social skills. Similar to the previous year, CSR content again represented a particular focal point in 2015/16 and was integrated in various established courses that were attended by 288 employees (previous year: 320 employees).

Training in Bulgaria again concentrated on technical subjects as well as personal development during the past year. The use of e-learning programmes was also increased. A competence model was introduced in 2014/15 to cover the major skills required by employees.

Training in Macedonia focused on personal development. In addition, courses on communication and conflict management were attended by 364 employees.

Ausbildungsstruktur der EVN 2015/16

Securing skilled labour requirements

EVN has implemented various measures to meet the future demands for skilled workers and managers:

  • Talent management: EVN supports the internal recruitment of managerial staff with training programmes to expand the qualifications and support the personal development of employees. One programme implemented to reach this goal is the EVN Summer University, “EVN SUN“, a continuing education and networking platform for future managers. This year‘s Summer University was held from 11 to 16 September 2016 in cooperation with the Danube University Krems. International lecturers offered courses on cross-cultural management, innovation and change management, and digitisation and focus on the customer. The theoretical presentations were supplemented by numerous practical case studies, and EVN managers were available to discuss related issues. Eight female employees and 14 male employees from the EVN Group took part in this programme.
  • Leadership development: Leadership development is another important focal point of training and further education at the EVN Academy in Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia. These programmes are designed to prepare selected employees to assume leadership and expert tasks over the medium term and help them to utilise internal career opportunities. The participants are offered a specially designed, individual management training programme. In addition, EVN supports training at the university level, for example through MBA programmes. Group meetings are also offered on a regular basis as a platform to exchange experience and discuss challenging situations.
  • Apprenticeship training, support for students, internships: EVN traditionally places high value on apprentice training in Austria and Germany. In order to give interested young people – above all girls – a glimpse into the workday at a utility company (e.g. as an electrical technician), EVN also regularly takes part in international apprenticeship and career information fairs. Each year EVN gives more than 150 schoolchildren and students an opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge to use and gain their first practical experience in traineeships. These activities underscore EVN’s goal to offer young men and women opportunities at an early age and to awaken their interest for professions in the energy and environmental sector. This commitment brought EVN a third place ranking in the “Place to Perform” competition in 2015 (2014: first place), which evaluates the best traineeships among Austrian companies. Moreover, EVN has a strong commitment to cooperation with students and young professionals in Bulgaria and Macedonia: in Bulgaria, 34 students took part in an internship and used the opportunity to exchange experience on information technology and electrical engineering; and in Macedonia, 50 schoolchildren and 57 students took part in internships.

The inclusion of and support for regional employees leads to a greater understanding of the unique characteristics of the local culture as well as increased economic benefits for business activities. This belief is reflected in the fact that nearly all employees and most of the management staff (roughly 95%) in EVN’s markets are natives of the respective region. Strengthening local management capacity represents an important aspect of the corporate strategy. EVN therefore supports career planning for local employees in Bulgaria and Macedonia with specific management training and international programmes, for example the EVN Summer University.

Feedback and orientation sessions

Feedback and orientation sessions (FOS) are held annually in all major EVN companies which provide, among others, a framework for the definition of concrete goals for each employee. This key management instrument allows for an appraisal by the employee’s supervisor and structured reciprocal feedback on work performance and quality. More than 90% of all employees are covered by the concept of FOS and thereby receive regular feedback on their performance and development plans.

  • GRI indicator: Performance evaluation and development plans for employees (G4-LA11)



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