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Structure of procurement activities

EVN is committed to fair, partnership-based and transparent business relations with its suppliers in keeping with the principle of economy. In doing so, the company places high sustainability demands on its suppliers.

Structure of procurement activities

Responsibilities for the procurement of products and services are based on the relevant activity.

Procurement activityResponsible organisational unit
Products and servicesProcurement and purchasing
Primary energy and primary energy carriersEnergy procurement and supply
International project business (Environmental Services Segment)Environmental services

The corporate procurement and purchasing department handled an order volume of roughly EUR 580.0m in 2015/16 (previous year: approximately EUR 450.0m) and maintained contacts with roughly 1,440 suppliers and contractors during this period.

Countries of origin of suppliers at
main operating locations

  • GRI indicator: Proportion of spending on local suppliers at significant locations (G4-EC9)

EVN is a sector contractor under EU public procurement law in many areas and must therefore meet the applicable provisions of the Austrian Federal Procurement Act as well as the principles governing competition in the EU. New bidders are regularly included in tenders. As a sector contractor, EVN is also legally required to include a reference to the complaint office in Lower Austria with every tender offer. This office can be used by the participating bidders to file complaints and request explanations, free of charge and without mandatory legal counsel. There were no justified objections in recent years.



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