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Supply chain

The construction of infrastructure, plants and buildings plays an important role in both the energy and environmental services business. In this connection, EVN works with a wide range of companies such as planning offices, construction firms, trade contractors, plant, pipeline and cable line builders as well as suppliers of plastic pipes, transmission/cable lines, electro-technical equipment, meters, hardware and software for the operation of plants and infrastructure, and the production of work clothing.

In the international project business, EVN‘s German subsidiary WTE Wassertechnik is involved in the planning and construction of plants for drinking water supplies, wastewater disposal and thermal waste utilisation. WTE Wassertechnik serves as the general contractor on these projects for municipalities and, in this role, uses other firms as subcontractors. These subcontractor orders are awarded, above all, to construction companies and suppliers of machinery and electro-technical equipment and components. The core expertise of WTE Wassertechnik lies in the customised design and construction of plants. The successful realisation of a project is therefore dependent on the selection of the best suppliers for each project, technology and country. A special focus is placed on inviting bids from local companies, especially for construction services, in the international project business. However, the unequal treatment of bidders and, consequently, the preferential treatment of local suppliers is prohibited. Machinery and electro-technical equipment and components are generally sourced in the EU – not least for quality assurance reasons – and, in some cases, also from Switzerland or Turkey.



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