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Control and assessment of sustainability performance

In addition to compliance with the provisions of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, EVN’s most effective instrument for evaluating its sustainability performance – and therefore also the Executive Board – is the annual process of collecting, analysing, evaluating, summarising and publishing facts and figures for sustainability reporting according to GRI G4, application level “comprehensive”. EVN commissioned TÜV SÜD, an independent testing institute, to verify its sustainability performance and the presentation of CSR issues in the 2015/16 full report, in particular the content reported under GRI G4 and the GRI index. This verification included an interview with the members of the Executive Board and the CSR steering committee and was concluded with a management letter issued by TÜV SÜD on its external evaluation of the company’s sustainability performance.

In Lower Austria, regular external audits are carried out at EVN’s three thermal power plants and 49 heat generation plants in connection with the EMAS certifications.



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