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Share structure and capital disclosures

Disclosures required by § 243a of the Austrian Commercial Code

  1. The share capital of EVN AG totalled EUR 330,000,000 as of 30 September 2016 and was divided into 179,878,402 zero par value bearer shares, each of which represents an equal stake in share capital. Shareholders are not entitled to the issue of individual share certificates. There is only one class of shares, and all shares carry the same rights and responsibilities. EVN AG shares are traded in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
  2. There are no restrictions on voting rights or agreements limiting the transfer of shares which exceed the general requirements of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act. However, it should be noted that the transferability of the investment owned by the province of Lower Austria, which holds its shares through NÖ Landes-Beteiligungsholding GmbH, St. Pölten, is limited by Austrian federal and provincial constitutional law.
  3. Based on these constitutional requirements, the province of Lower Austria is the major shareholder of EVN AG with a stake of 51.0%. The second largest shareholder is EnBW Trust e.V., an association headquartered in Karlsruhe, which is recorded in the register of associations maintained by the district court in Mannheim under VR 3737. EnBW Trust holds an investment of 32.0% of the share capital in trust for EnBW Energie Baden- Württemberg AG, which is also headquartered in Karlsruhe and recorded in the commercial register of the district court in Mannheim under HRB 107956. As of 30 September 2016, EVN AG held treasury shares representing 1.1% of share capital and free float equalled 15.9%.
  4. EVN AG has not issued any shares with special control rights.
  5. Employees who own shares in EVN AG may exercise their voting rights personally at the Annual General Meeting. EVN AG does not have a stock option programme.
  6. The Executive Board consists of at least two members. The Supervisory Board has a minimum of ten and a maximum of 15 members. Unless another majority is required by law, the Annual General Meeting passes its resolutions with a simple majority of the votes cast or with a majority of the capital represented in cases requiring a majority of capital.
  7. The Annual General Meeting on 21 January 2016 approved the termination of the share buyback programme that had been in progress since 16 January 2014. It also authorised the Executive Board to repurchase the company’s bearer shares during a period of 30 months (i) for distribution to employees of the company or its subsidiaries and (ii) in accordance with § 65 (1) no. 8 of the Austrian Stock Corporation Act (acquisition with no specific purpose) at an amount equalling up to 10% of the share capital of EVN AG.

  8. A change of control in EVN AG in the sense of § 243a (1) no. 8 of the Austrian Commercial Code is currently not possible because of the legal regulations described above under points 2. and 3. Therefore, there are no possible consequences of a change of control.
  9. There are no agreements to provide compensation to the members of corporate bodies or employees in the event of a public takeover as defined in § 243a (1) no. 9 of the Austrian Commercial Code.



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