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Renewable energy, secure future

The reduction of CO2 through the targeted use of windpower, solar energy and biomass has been part of EVN’s routine activities for many years.

“These wind turbines alone can generate enough electricity for our entire community.“
Hedwig Schmelzer, resident

A fresh breeze for the wind.
As a component of the total generation volume, the electricity produced by windparks has been increasing for years and further growth is expected in the future. Most recently, the UN Climate Conference in Paris during December 2015 brought massive impulses for the transformation of the energy system towards renewable energy. The wind and sun as “clean” energy suppliers are becoming more and more important. For EVN, this is confirmation of the course that has been actively pursued for many years.

EVN is currently investing EUR 260m in the expansion of energy generation from renewable sources.

Expansion to over 300 MW
The generation capacity of the EVN windparks which are situated in a very good wind region currently equals 268 MW, and plans call for an increase to more than 300 MW over the next two years. At the same time, EVN is continuously expanding its portfolio of biomass heating plants – with more than 60 currently in operation – and, in that way, is also intensifying its electricity and heat generation from renewable resources. In total, EVN will invest roughly EUR 260m in these plants between 2013 and 2017. The ecologically compatible realisation of these environmentally friendly facilities is an obvious choice for EVN. And neighbouring residents are also involved in the projects at an early stage.



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