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Energy provider, storage facility and biosphere

Hydropower plants are an important building block in the energy system. They generate environmentally friendly electricity and act as natural energy storage facilities as well as habitats.

“When it really counts, our full capacity is ready for the grid in only a few minutes.“
Erich Binder, manager of the Kamp power plants

Clear water, clean electricity. This short phrase is a good description for power plants like the one in Ottenstein on the river Kamp. Emission- free electricity generation combined with a high quality of life for people, flora and fauna. The reservoir has served as a recreational area for local residents and a home for countless plant and animal species for decades. The power plant, in turn, is an integral part of EVN’s electricity network.

As a pump storage power plant, Ottenstein not only generates, but also stores electricity.

Natural battery
The reservoir also acts as a storage facility and, in this way, fulfils a key function in the supply system. As a pump storage power plant, Ottenstein can pump water into the reservoir when the demand for electricity is low and, in doing so, store energy for times when demand is higher. That helps to improve the coordination between the volatile electricity generation from windpower or solar power and electricity requirements. And in the event of a blackout, the Ottenstein power plant plays an important role in the fast recovery of network operations.



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