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From a supplier to an energy partner

Resource-friendly energy and water supplies don’t stop with delivery to the customer. They also include individual advising and a comprehensive range of services.

“Hats off! None of our questions were left unanswered.“
Melanie Reiner, EVN customer

Close to the customer ...
Energy, water and much, much more. The increasing focus on resource conservation and the reduction of emissions make it imperative for a company like EVN to extend its activities beyond only supplying electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water. Its responsibility ranges much further – from environmentally friendly generation and procurement to sensible use by customers. That’s not only good for future generations, but also for business. With wide-ranging, innovative services related to energy, EVN not only offers its customers attractive added value, but also develops interesting new business options – high satisfaction guaranteed.

With its diverse portfolio of services, EVN helps its customers to optimise their energy consumption.

... with a broad offering of advising services
This wide spectrum ranges from simple energy saving tips to advice on efficiency measures and the EVN Bonus World up to comprehensive counselling on renewable energy and self-sufficient generation, for example through photovoltaics. Competent, well-trained employees are available to assist customers throughout EVN’s supply areas. In order to move even closer to its customers, EVN is currently establishing a number of centrally located service centres in Lower Austria. These one-stop shops offer the entire range of EVN services and products – comfortably under a single roof.



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