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Each and every drop just as fresh as from the well

Supply security and quality are also EVN’s top two priorities for water supplies.

“For our customers, clean water means a high quality of life.“
Peter Hiller, water technician, Zwentendorf operating station

A matter of course in Europe, often an unrealisable dream in other regions of the world: unlimited quantities of clean drinking water at all times. But what appears to be a matter of course also requires a great deal of effort and, not least, extensive investments in the development of wells, pumping plants, filter plants and pipelines.

What appears to be a matter of course requires profound know-how and substantial investments.

Clean water for more than 560,000 residents in Lower Austria
Water supplies are becoming an increasingly important part of EVN’s portfolio, as is demonstrated by the growing number of communities in Lower Austria which are provided with spring-fresh drinking water. More than 560,000 residents in Lower Austria currently receive drinking water directly or indirectly from EVN – and also in this business, the company uncompromisingly follows two principles: reliable supplies and first-class quality.

Expansion and optimisation
In order to constantly improve in both of these areas and further extend its supply range, EVN is investing nearly EUR 50m between 2013 and 2017. These investments will focus, above all, on supra-regional ring pipelines to make supplies even more reliable and on natural filter plants to reduce the hardness of the water by natural means. Many years of experience in the management of water networks are making EVN the supplier of choice for a growing number of communities.



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