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Consolidated statement of operations

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Other operating income2797.0108.4
Cost of materials and services28–1,177.3–1,320.4
Personnel expenses29–313.7–313.5
Other operating expenses30–141.6–168.1
Share of results from equity accounted investees with operational nature3193.5141.1
Depreciation and amortisation32–266.1–260.3
Effects from impairment tests32–77.9–54.7
Results from operating activities (EBIT)260.4268.2
Share of results from equity accounted investees with financial nature–8.70.4
Results from other investments14.411.6
Interest income16.721.7
Interest expense–77.4–91.1
Other financial results–6.5–2.9
Financial results33–61.6–60.3
Result before income tax198.9207.9
Income tax34–16.0–17.3
Result for the period182.8190.7
thereof result attributable to EVN AG shareholders (Group net result)156.4148.1
thereof result attributable to non-controlling interests26.442.6
Earnings per share in EUR1)350.880.83
Dividend per share in EUR0.422)0.42



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