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CSR programme

EVN’s CSR programme was developed in an iterative process during the CSR target discussions. Based on the EVN materiality matrix, specific area focal points were identified and Group-wide CSR targets and measures were defined. The CSR programme is updated and expanded regularly in cooperation with all departments. Activities in 2015/16 also included the identification of targets and measures that would make a tangible contribution to reaching the 17 goals for sustainable development set by the United Nations, which took effect on 1 January 2016. The allocation of the identified targets and measures to the individual UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is also shown in the following section.

CSR measures by area of activity

Area of activity: Supply security

Target: increase the Group-wide coverage ratio to 30% of electricity sales

  • Status: 32.1% (previous year: 25.3%)

Target: maintain high network quality and low disruption times in spite of increasingly volatile and decentralised generation capacity on the market

EVN defined the following department targets and implemented the following measures to meet these corporate goals:

>Enlarge table
Department target Measures Milestone
Status as of
30 September 2016
 Increase the Group-wide coverage
ratio to 30% of electricity sales
Realisation of power plant projects; capacity
expansion will focus primarily on renewable
energies, in particular windpower and
hydropower projects in Austria
OngoingMeasure in implementation7.2

EMAS target
EVN Wärme: increase supply
security for local heating plants;
reduce use of substitute fuels
Development of a comprehensive disruption
reporting system for all local heating plants
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
step-by-step roll-out of modules
to all plants; integration of
existing reporting systems in new
central system; new reporting
control centre is complete
and will now be connected with
the plants
 EVN Wasser: risk management for
potential pollution hazards
Preparation of water security plans;
risk analysis of catchment area
 EVN Wasser: emergency plans to
handle supply shortages/quality
Cooperation with the Austrian Armed
Forces to maintain supply capability in the
event of a disaster
01.09.2016Successfully completed6.3
 EVN Abfall: improve quality of
Optimisation of the incoming inspection
LaufendSuccessfully completed9.1
   Improvement in customer information for
acceptance criteria on the homepage
01.11.2016Measure in implementation9.1
 Kabelplus: maintain and further
improve network stability in
the entire Kabelplus network in
Lower Austria
Replacement of approximately
12,000 amplifiers and distributors
in the entire Kabelplus network in
Lower Austria
2014/15 –
Measure in implementation:
tender completed and contract
awarded, replacement process

Area of activity: Focus on the customers

Target: increase the number of energy advising discussions

  • Status: 9,200 energy advising discussions held (previous year: 7,950)

EVN defined the following department targets and implemented the following measures to meet these corporate goals:

>Enlarge table
Department targetMeasuresMilestone
Status as of
30 September 2016
Improve customer serviceTraining of employees for new customer
shops; greater availability

Optimised training concept for employees with
customer contacts: integration of Kabelplus
customer service staff and team leaders in the
EVN customer service centre; exchange of
know-how between EVN and Kabelplus staff
to develop a backup pool of employees;
coaching for discussions with customers

Measure in implementation:
six service centres opened,
others planned
Measure in implementation:
implemented in part
Improve customer serviceConcept to intensify communications with
customers on energy savings, energy efficiency
and the sustainable handling of resources
in connection with EVN products; review of
implementation of planned measures;
development of a training model lasting
several hours
31.12.2016Measure in implementation:
concept prepared in draft form,
measures under evaluation
Expand service products and tariffs
for renewable energy
Addition of a “hydropower” version based
on 100% renewable energy to every
EVN electricity tariff (Klassik, Float, Float Cap,
Started on
Successfully completed7.3
Expand service products for energy
Development of new products that allow
customers to conserve resources and/or
reduce the use of energy; the products include
analysis, advising and implementation, are
directed to business and household customers
and focus on issues such as lighting service,
solar power plants, e-mobility, energy check,
the replacement of heating equipment,
renovation, smart home, thermography etc.
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
measures partly qualify under the
Energy Efficiency Act
Customer-friendly contractsDesign of transparent and understandable
OngoingMeasure in implementation7.3
Information for customers on
service disruptions
Overview of service disruptions for customers
on EVN website
EVN Bonus World: improve
customer service
Expansion of bonus options to also include
the Lower Austria card
OngoingSuccessfully completed
Continue to develop strategy for
energy efficiency services
Development and introduction or expansion
of efficient energy services (e.g.: photovoltaic
equipment and battery storage to help
customers optimise their use, heating subsidies,
increase in energy advising as an
energy efficiency service, energy efficiency
audits for businesses, launch of energy
efficiency campaigns etc.)
OngoingMeasure in implementation7.3
Reasonable, presentable and
understandable pricing policy
Ongoing adjustment of working prices for
electricity and natural gas for household
customers as part of EnergieAllianz (e.g.
average reduction of 5% for electricity and
natural gas as of 1 October 2016)
01.10.2016Successfully completed
Support for households at risk of
Households exempt from radio/TV duties
(= customers at risk of poverty) were
contacted individually in writing and offered
a one-time bonus of 1,500 points (value:
EUR 30) to exchange for an energy savings
30.10.2016Successfully completed1.4
Renaming of products from
100% renewable energy: change
in name affix from “hydropower”
to “nature”
The mix of electricity products from 100%
renewable energy has very high-quality
labelling: 60% hydropower, 40% other
renewable energies; as of 1 October 2016 the
electricity products with 100% renewable
energy will carry the designation “nature”
01.10.2016Successfully completed7.2
EVN flood assistanceEVN’s flood assistance introduced in 2002
(flood disaster in Lower Austria) for customers
who actively register; the same applies on
a voluntary basis for victims of the 2016 floods
(only household customers): affected customers
receive one month of free energy after
the receipt of their next annual invoice
OngoingSuccessfully completed9.1
Know-how development and transferResearch project for smart grids;
distribution and use of know-how
End of 2017Measure in implementation:
research activities in Lichtenegg,
Südstadt, Seitenstetten and
EVN Bulgaria: create greater awareness
among customers for the
conscious use of natural resources
Information programme on receipt of invoice
via email or SMS; use of online platform
OngoingMeasure in implementation12.2
EVN Macedonia: increase the
awareness for energy efficiency
and for the safe handling of
Target group: schoolchildren and young
people: energy efficiency clubs and education
on the subject in schools; workshop(s) on
renewable energy using the Lego method
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
energy efficiency clubs in twelve
schools, workshops for young
people on renewable energy
using an innovative Lego method
Founding of a joint energy efficiency platform
with the Federal Ministry of Science, Research
and Economy and the Energy Agency
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
increase customer awareness
for energy savings through
TV campaign: energy mathematics,
energy savings campaign
in the media, brochures and
energy advising online or by the
customer care centres
EVN Macedonia: install and operate
an information centre at the Matka
hydropower plant
Creation of a museum in the historical Matka
hydropower plant; this is the first museum
of its type in Macedonia, it provides interactive
information on the history of the power
plant and the introduction of electricity to
OngoingMeasure in implementation4.7
Kabelplus: development of a
TV set combined with a control
tablet that serves as a gaming,
video communication and information
portal for senior citizens
Cooperation between Kabelplus and scientific
partners at the University of Applied
Sciences St. Pölten for the further development
of the “Brelomat 2” prototype
2016/17Measure in implementation9.1
Kabelplus: introduction of a
radiotelephony product with which
to offer customers who can only
access the Internet via radio an
opportunity to choose an alternative
provider for fixed-link telephony
In the future, Kabelplus will also offer its
customers telephone services via the “Mimo”
radio link
2015/16Successfully completed9.1
Kabelplus: security awarenessProject to create and maintain an awareness
for information security on the part of

Area of activity: Sustainable increase in corporate value

Target: remain a pioneer for sustainability in Austria; continued inclusion in sustainability indices and addition of new listings

  • Status: the EVN share is currently listed in several sustainability indices, e.g. the Austrian VÖNIX

Target: long-term integration of sustainability aspects in risk management

  • Status: 8.3% (previous year: 8.3%) of risks considered using sustainability aspects

EVN defined the following department targets and implemented the following measures to meet these corporate goals:

>Enlarge table
Department targetMeasuresMilestone
Status as of
30 September 2016
Establish Group-wide CSR standardsFurther development and standardisation of
CSR goals, organisation and processes
2016/17Measure in implementation:
further development of
Group-wide CSR goals
Development of long-term CSR perspectives
and focus; related decisions by CSR Advisory
2016/17Measure in implementation:
workshop held with CSR officers,
recommendations developed
for CSR focus; decisions by
CSR Advisory Committee awaited
 Organisation of stakeholder survey on
CSR materiality matrix
Integration of CSR indicators in
controlling reports
Definition, identification and mapping of
CSR-relevant key performance indicators in
internal documentation for management
2016/17Measure in implementation:
analysis completed to determine
relevance and collectability of
individual indicators with the
respective departments; start of
data collection
Consolidate in core markets:
active portfolio management
Identification of holdings that do not reflect
the corporate strategy; preparation of
recommendations for decision-makers
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
concept developed; implementation
Successfully integrate new holdingsContinued inclusion of the benchmarks
developed from previous integration projects
in the integration of new investments
to ensure the appropriate inclusion of all
stakeholder interests
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
concept successfully developed;
no integration projects carried
out to date
Include CSR programme in the
activities of the internal audit
Inclusion of CSR aspects in standard audits;
inclusion of CSR-specific audit in annual audit
OngoingSuccessfully completed
WTE Wassertechnik: further development
of documentation and
controls for financial reporting
Adherence to internal control system (ICS)OngoingSuccessfully completed
EVN Macedonia: idea managementCollection of ideas from external and internal
stakeholders to optimise processes in the
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
idea management is classified in
four phases: collection, analysis,
evaluation and implementation
of ideas; external ideas are developed
in cooperation with
universities, companies and
research institutes
EVN Macedonia: innovation
Introduction of systematic planning, management
and control of innovations and their
implementation in economically successful
products and services
OngoingMeasure in implementation9.4

Area of activity: Responsible employer

Target: expansion of internal job market and increase in internal recruiting

  • 90% of management positions were filled internally in 2015/16 (previous year: 80%)

Target: increased share of women in new hiring (based on the current per cent by position) and higher share of women in management development programmes (based on the current per cent of women in management)

  • Status: share of women in the company was 22.6% in 2015/16 (previous year: 21.9%);
    share of women in new hiring equalled 34.2% in 2015/16 (previous year: 41.7%);
    share of women in management was 7% in 2015/16 (previous year: 7%);
    share of women in management development measures equalled 36% in 2015/16 (previous year: 28%)

Target: development and implementation of target group-specific health programmes for all employees

  • Status: 50% of the employees took part in preventive measures (previous year: 50%)

Target: continuous reduction in LTIF and accident severity; very good level in industry comparison

  • Status: LTIF: 7.8 (previous year: 8.5); accident severity: 29.4 (previous year: 21.4)

Target: creation of awareness for sustainability through the integration of sustainability aspects in existing training and educational programmes

  • Status: 288 employees were reached in 2015/16 (previous year: 320)

EVN defined the following department targets and implemented the following measures to meet these corporate goals:

>Enlarge table
Department targetMeasuresMilestone
Status as of
30 September 2016
Improve work-life balance; support
open culture of discussion;
employee protection; improve
working climate
New employee break room; additional
meeting rooms and conversation areas; noise
level indicators; daylight lamps; recording of
customer conversations to protect employees
30.06.2016Successfully completed 
Improve satisfaction and
identification of employees with
the company
Further development of feedback and
orientation sessions: support for employees
during the year by supervisors; alignment
of goal attainment in following year
OngoingSuccessfully completed
Promote health awareness among
Further development of health programme31.03.2016Successfully completed3.8
 First aid courses and medical check-upsOngoingMeasure in implementation3.8
 Annual lecture on healthOngoingMeasure in implementation3.8
Develop sustainable solutions for
employees affected by the acquisition
or sale of companies
Active communication policy, protection of
employees’ interests
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
standardised M&A process
developed and implemented
Idea managementCollection of ideas from internal and
external stakeholders for the improvement
of company processes and services
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
systematic collection and
evaluation of ideas, cooperation
with universities, successful
realisation of ideas
Employee healthRegional focus for fruit juices offered at
EVN (e.g. fruits grown in the local region)
OngoingSuccessfully completed12.7
Strengthen awareness for and
promote digitalisation
Increased digital transfer of internal
know-how (department WIKIs in HR area,
seminars etc.)
30.09.2017Measure in implementation4.4
 Information films to increase awareness of
digitalisation are available
30.09.2017Measure in implementation4.4
 Promote digitalisation in existing processes30.09.2018Measure in implementation4.4
Improve target orientation,
increase closeness to customers
and strengthen cooperation:
EVN Working World
EVN Working World: comprehensive
management support programme on the
subject of the working world: management
in the context of the new working
world and of change
30.09.2020Measure in implementation8.2
 Pilot project for mobile working hours30.09.2017Measure in implementation8.2
 Installation of working world coaches as
connection to the departments
30.09.2020Measure in implementation8.2
 Wide-ranging communication measures:
employee survey, workshops, presentation,
info-points, pilot office etc.
30.09.2020Measure in implementation8.2
EVN Abfall: implement safety
training system
Changeover to electronic training system and
modifications in entrance area
2016Measure in implementation8.8
EVN Bulgaria: increase awareness
for health
Health & Balance @ EVN Bulgaria – internal
information campaign to increase awareness
for health
2016Measure in implementation:
internal information activities on
healthy nutrition
EVN Bulgaria: improve occupational
Construction of a new training centre for
employees in Stara Zagora allows for the
use of the “live working” and “switched-off”
methods on low-voltage overhead power
lines; start of a long-term, internal campaign
on occupational safety for all KEZ which
covers the counting and awarding of prizes
for accident-free days
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
320 technicians completed
a two-day programme in
the new training centre
during 2015/16; target attainment
for campaign on
accident-free days in 13 KEZ
(999 days without accidents)
EVN Croatia: increase know-how
and efficiency
Know-how transfer with the Group; language
courses; training for certification as natural
gas expert; computer training; introduction
of a training passport for technicians
2017Measure in implementation:
for 2016/17 (communication
EVN Croatia: support for
employees’ health
Supplementary health insurance2015Successfully completed3.8
EVN Macedonia: increase diversity
in the company
Full participation of women and equal
opportunity to attain management positions
in the energy branch
2018/19Measure in implementation5.5
EVN Macedonia: positioning as
an attractive employer
Scholarships for students at technical
universities, practical training for students
and school children, trainee programme
for university graduates, cooperation with
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
six scholarships, 18 trainee
positions and 53 practical
training positions awarded
in 2015/16

Area of activity: Environmental protection and resource conservation

Target: primary energy savings of approximately 2.5 GWh per year at EVN Wärme

  • Status: 50% savings in 2015/16 (previous year: 15%)

Target: increase in energy efficiency at EVN’s plants and buildings (savings measured in MWh)

  • 1,764.9 MWh savings in 2015/16 (previous year: 3.1 MWh)

EVN defined the following department targets and implemented the following measures to meet these corporate goals:

>Enlarge table
Measures Milestone
Status as of
30 September 2016

EMAS target
Improve environmental
performance at EVN headquarters
Implement an environmental management
system at EVN headquarters
2017 Measure in implementation:
evaluation of aspects and development
of measures completed;
legal compliance-assessment
in progress
Paper-free office Resource conservation through increase in
online correspondence and e-mail invoices
30.09.2016 Successfully completed12.4
Create awareness of importance
and value of energy among
schoolchildren and encourage
conscious use of energy
Redesign of teaching materials on heat pump;
adaptation of all day care centre materials;
development of a concept for energy savings
in schools as part of a pilot project in Wiener
2015/16 Successfully completed4.7
    New teaching aids with a focus on renewable
energy for secondary level I; new school
website www.young.evn.at; new lecture on
energy savings for middle schools and
general secondary schools
2015/16 Successfully completed4.7
Reduce energy consumption in the
IT department by 5% per year
Automatic shutdown of computers during
the night via Wake on LAN
2018/19 Measure in implementation:
implemented in the IT department
on a trial basis; technical
difficulties identified for
Group-wide implementation;
alternative solutions under
Reduce printed pages by 20% General supplier for scanning/printing/
copying; installation of Intranet 2.0
2017 Planned12.5
Increase energy efficiency
(savings measured in MWh)
Energy efficiency measures in EVN plants
and buildings: optimised LED lighting
concept in hydropower plants; increase own
electricity generation with photovoltaic
equipment at natural filter plants (e.g.
Drösing); install moisture regulation controls
in the Schütt and Dorfmühle power plants
Ongoing Measure in implementation7.3
Bird protection in Austria Cabling and labelling of overhead power
lines to protect the great bustard in Lower
Austria as part of the LIFE+ project
2015 Successfully completed;
follow-up project currently in
implementation (by 2022)
BirdLife project to protect the imperial eagle
in Laaer Becken
2017 Planned: insolation of lattice
Reduce use of pesticides Create a natural grassland on the headquarters
grounds; trials and monitoring for
several years, then evaluation and decision
on possible expansion
2018/19 Measure in implementation:
adaptation of fauna and flora
naturally proceeds at a slow pace
EVN Abfall: implement environmental
management system
EMAS certification 2016 Measure in implementation11.6
EVN Abfall: utilise sewage
sludge – adapt pyrolysis plant for
heat recovery
Optimise pre-treatment at the Dürnrohr plant 2016/17 Measure in implementation12.4
  EVN Abfall: measures to increase
energy efficiency
Trials for gradual reduction of waste gas
temperature, adaptation of Lines 1+2
2018 Planned7.3
  Trials for gradual reduction of waste gas
temperature in Line 3
2017 Measure in implementation7.3

EMAS target
EVN Wärme: continuous improvement
in indicators for district
heating plants
Ongoing improvement in data quality;
collection and control of data; introduction of
valuation models for optimisation as part of
technical controlling and resulting improvement
in plant indicators, e.g. plant efficiency
Measure in implementation:
basic system under development;
start-up in first half-year 2013;
connection of district heating
plants to the new system over
five years
  EVN Wärme: reduce primary energy
by approximately 2.5 GWh each
Replacement of Süd Mödling steam network
with hot water network
End of 2017/18 Measure in implementation13.2

EMAS target
EVN Wärme: resource conservation
at biomass plants
Utilisation of 80% of biomass ash per year
as valuable substitute material; resulting
conservation of resources, greenhouse gasrelevant
emissions and landfill costs
Ongoing Measure in implementation:
utilisation of 56% of biomass ash
in 2015/16
  Kabelplus: sustainable disposal of
large volume of recyclable materials
resulting from amplifier replacement
Materials such as aluminium, steel and copper,
which occur in the form of electronic waste,
will be separated and sold or recycled as part
of a social project
2014 to 2019 Successfully completed: Socius
association to participate as
waste disposal partner
  WTE Wassertechnik: offices Replacement of lighting with LED 01.07.2016 Successfully completed12.2
  WTE Wassertechnik: management
Performance of energy audit EN 16247 01.12.2016 Measure in implementation7.3
  EVN Bulgaria: create greater
awareness among employees for
the careful use of resources
Waste recycling programme Ongoing Measure in implementation:
1,259 tonnes of waste, including
24 tonnes of paper, were
recycled in 2015/16
  EVN Bulgaria: bird protection in
Insulation of dangerous masts and power
lines with the support of the Bulgarian bird
protection association (BDZP, BirdLife)
2018 Measure in implementation:
installation of 285 additional
nest platforms and insulation of
742 masts in 2015/16; since the
start of the project, 1,936 nest
platforms were installed and
4,606 power lines/masts were
  EVN Bulgaria: protection of the
imperial eagle in Bulgaria
Project Life+: minimisation of risks and
dangers of power lines for the imperial eagle;
planned measures: cabling of approximately
40 km of overhead power lines; protective
insulation for 2,740 masts; population
2018 Measure in implementation:
in 2015/16, 35 km of overhead
power lines cabled, 14 transformer
stations and one
switching station installed and
481 masts covered with
protective insulation; population
  EVN Bulgaria: create greater
awareness for energy efficiency and
safety in working with electricity
“Energy efficiency in schools” programme for
second, third and fourth graders – education
on safety and energy efficiency in cooperation
with the Ministry of Education and school
Ongoing Measure in implementation:
inclusion of approximately
20,000 schoolchildren since the
start of the project in 2009;
a further 11,000 schoolchildren
joined the project in 2015/16
  EVN Macedonia: increase awareness
for handling electronic waste
Campaign to increase awareness among
employees for the dangers of electronic waste;
related collection campaign
2016/17 Measure in implementation:
cooperation between companies
and EVN Macedonia employees
to collect electronic waste;
employees receive a credit
voucher as a contribution to the
purchase of a new appliance
  EVN Wasser: reduce electricity
Use of balancing energy to fill elevated tanks;
electricity supplies supplemented by photovoltaic
01.12.2017 Measure in implementation:
three photovoltaic plants

Area of activity: Sustainable energy generation and climate protection

Target: expansion of windpower capacity to 300 MW over the medium term

  • Status: approximately 268 MW of installed windpower as of 30 September 2016 (previous year: approximately 250 MW)

Target: 50% of total electricity production volume generated from renewable energies over the long term

  • Status: 34.5% of energy generated from renewable sources in 2015/16 (previous year: 43.1%)

EVN defined the following department targets and implemented the following measures to meet these corporate goals:

>Enlarge table
Measures Meilenstein
Milestone Deadline
30 September 2016
 50% of electricity generation from
renewable sources
Further expansion of windpower, hydropower
and photovoltaic generation plants
2020 Measure in implementation:
current status: 34.5%
 Expand windpower capacity to
over 300 MW
Construction of a windpark in Paasdorf-Lanzendorf
(approximately 19 MW)
2016 Successfully completed7.2
   Construction of a windpark in Oberwaltersdorf
(9.2 MW)
2017 Planned: approved by
the municipal authority;
tariff approved
   Construction of a further wind turbine at the
Glinzendorf windpark (1 MW)
2016 Measure in implementation:
turbine under construction
   Construction of a windpark in Sommerein
(33 MW)
2018 Planned: approved by
the municipal authority;
tariff approved
 Ongoing greening and technical
revitalisation of 72 EVN hydropower
Ongoing projects to improve greening, e.g.
through the construction of fish migration
ladders, parallel technical revitalisation to
support a constant generation level
Ongoing Measure in implementation7.2
 Increase effectiveness of thermal
power plants
Optimisation of start-up process at the
Korneuburg power plant; reduction of
emissions and natural gas consumption at
the Dürnrohr power plant through
optimisation of district heating output
Ongoing Measure in implementation7.3
 Load management: development
of methods
Development of methods to integrate the
increasing generation from renewable energy
in the market and to master the network
stabilisation activities currently taken over
from the thermal power plants
2014/15 –
Various projects in
 Research and development to
better utilise the energy content of
the fuels used, create innovative
storage solutions and reduce CO2
Bioplastics made of algae, heat storage, CO2,
sunlight and innovative storage technologies
(incl. power-to-gas)
Ongoing Measure in implementation:
– Follow-up project to CO2USE,
demonstration project in
– GreenStorageGrid project:
integration of innovative
storage solutions in the
Dürnrohr heat distribution unit
under analysis
– Power-to-gas: analysis for
implementation of projects in
an industrial environment
 Electricity labelling: reduction from
three to two labelling groups
Internal conversion of labelling to two
product mix groups: “renewable energy”
(currently 60% hydropower and 40%
other renewable energy carriers) and
“conventional energy”
01.05.2016 Successfully completed7.2
 Increase inclusion of CO2-neutral
aspects in event planning
Prepare guideline and checklist for
CO2-neutral events
2017/18 Measure in implementation:
concept in preparation
 EVN Abfall: reduce electricity and
compressed air consumption
Optimisation of compressed air network at
the MVA Dürnrohr in order to minimise
the use of electricity in the generation of
compressed air
2016/17 Measure in implementation7.3
 EVN Abfall: CO2 savings in waste
Further increase in waste transport via rail
through creation of unloading opportunities
at the Dürnrohr waste utilisation plant for
all transport containers and wagons currently
on the market
Ongoing Measure in implementation12.2
 EVN Wärme: expansion of local
heating plants with blended biogas
Construction of eight plants 2016/17 Planned13.2

EMAS target
EVN Wärme: reduce emissions
from individual household heating
through construction of new
heating plants
Construction and operation of additional
biomass district heating plants;
current project: Großenzersdorf
2016/17 Measure in implementation13.2
 South East Europe: increase energy
Redesign and renovation of the facade at
the headquarters in Skopje; reduction
of approximately 65% in current energy
2016/17 Measure in implementation7.3
   Renovation of Plovdiv district heating network Ongoing Measure in implementation7.3
   Supply of cooling energy via the district
heating network
Ongoing Measure in implementation7.3

In addition to the six major areas of activity, EVN also worked on department targets and numerous measures in other important areas of activity during the reporting year:

Area of activity: Corruption prevention

>Enlarge table
Measures Milestone
Status as of
30 September 2016
Raise employee awareness for the
prevention of corruption, the
protection of fair competition and
the observance of human rights
Further development of the extensive
Group-wide Compliance Management System;
advising and training for all managers and
employees by CCO/DCO/NCO, incl. use of
electronic media; information for employees
via managers with support of CCO/DCO/NCO
30.09.2016 Successfully completed:
face-to-face training programmes
implemented; ongoing
advising and e-learning in
implementation throughout the
Identify inappropriate behaviour Introduction of a whistle-blowing programme
throughout the Group
30.09.2016 Successfully completed: all reports
in all regions are handled in
accordance with whistle-blowing
Compliance controls in processes In all organisational units, implementation of
separate compliance controls in processes
exposed to special risks; ongoing assessment
of control performance and effectiveness
30.09.2018 Measure in implementation:
implementation in Austria
completed; implementation in
Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia
and WTE in preparation
Optimise acceptance for compliance
and organisational implementation
of CMS
Evaluate previous implementation of CMS
and demands on compliance through internal
surveys and interviews with managers
30.12.2016 Measure in implementation:
implementation in Austria
completed; implementation in
Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia
and WTE in preparation
Third party due diligence Implementation and roll-out of a system
(technical and organisational) to evaluate
business partners
30.09.2016 Successfully completed:
implementation in Austria and
WTE completed; implementation
in Bulgaria, Macedonia and
Croatia in preparation

Area of activity: Stakeholder dialogue

>Enlarge table
Status as of
30 September 2016
Continuous dialogue with all
Regular dialogue with EVN advisory boards
and through focus groups as well as regular
stakeholder surveys on the materiality matrix
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
focus groups successfully
completed; results will be
integrated in the organisation;
survey of major areas of
activity in next financial year
Active communication and
cooperation with other companies;
organisation of and participation
in CSR events
Exchange at external CSR events, participation
in UN Global Compact (UNGC) steering
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
participation in UNGC Steering
Committee, SDG working
group, Austrian CSR Day 2016,
respACT membership meetings,
exchange of experience
Stakeholder dialogue on expansion
of windpower plants
Together with the communications
department, evn naturkraft is carrying out
in-depth stakeholder processes
(with citizens, municipalities, NGOs etc.)
OngoingSuccessfully completed16.7
Create stakeholder understanding
for projects by Netz NÖ
Organisation of stakeholder dialogues for
larger projects (e.g. dialogue events with
affected residents)
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
coordination of possible public
meetings with local communities
EVN Croatia: increase dialogue and
Stakeholder survey on the company’s most
important areas of activity
2015Successfully completed16.7

Area of activity: One EVN

>Enlarge table
Status as of
30 September 2016
Develop Group-wide CSR standardsDevelopment of a Group-wide CSR organisation
(organisation and processes) based on
the structure in Austria; communication with
CSR network officers in Bulgaria, Macedonia,
Croatia and Germany
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
external and internal stakeholder
surveys carried out in Bulgaria
and Croatia; planned for WTE and
EVN Macedonia in 2016/17
Integration, modernisationInternal events and know-how transfer
across divisions and borders
OngoingMeasure in implementation
EVN Macedonia: internal brandingIntroduction of EVN key values to increase
employee motivation and anchor a common
corporate culture
2015/16Successfully completed

Area of activity: Human rights

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Status as of
30 September 2016
Improve understanding of human
rights requirements
Participation in UNGC events, analysis
of guidelines on human rights followed by
internal know-how transfer
2016/17Measures in implementation:
survey of status, analysis with
CSR officers, development
of a declaration of principle of
human rights

Area of activity: Supply chain responsibility

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Status as of
30 September 2016
Anchor integrity clause (incl. social,
ecological and corruptions aspects)
with all contractors
Ongoing adjustment of integrity clause and
consistent integration in all framework
agreements and orders
OngoingMeasure in implementation12.7
Review of major contractors – new and
those determined by the materiality matrix –
for compliance with integrity clause
2017Measure in implementation12.7
Follow-up training for failure to comply with
key parts of the integrity clause
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
in connection with the review of
compliance with the integrity
 Revision of control questionnaire for
sustainable procurement
2017/18Measure in implementation12.7
 Revision of integrity clause2017/18Measure in implementation12.7
 Reviews of tenders /contract awards as
OngoingMeasure in implementation12.7
 Preparation of a self-declaration questionnaire
based on the integrity clause
2017/18Measure in implementation12.7
 Self-declaration questionnaire as attachment
for participants in top-level tenders
2018/19Measure in implementation12.7

Area of activity: Social commitment

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Status as of
30 September 2016
Kabelplus: support for social
Kabelplus is adding new “k+” stickers to its
17,000 amplifiers/distribution switchboards in
Lower Austria; this project was implemented
by the Socius association, which thereby
provided employment for job seekers in the
50+ segment for several months
2015/16Successfully completed1.2
EVN Bulgaria: increase interest in
technical professions, improve
quality of training, recruitment
Cooperation with schools, colleges and
universities in Bulgaria
OngoingMeasure in implementation:
plant tours, advising of
graduates, career days and
sponsoring; 137 students from
technical universities, colleges
and secondary schools took part
in plant tours during 2015/16
EVN Bulgaria: organise social
activities in the supply areas in
“EVN for Bulgaria 2016”: support
programme for external social projects
2016Measure in implementation:
financing for four external social
projects focused on energy
efficiency which are particularly
important for the region
EVN Croatia: participation in social
Support for rehabilitation centre: sport
activities with young people; support for
schools and universities with teaching
materials; cooperation with the Technical
University in Split: support for expansion
of a laboratory
2017Measure in implementation4.7
WTE Wassertechnik: focus of social
sponsoring activities on projects
for the support of children
and young people in Germany
WTE social fund with EUR 10,000 per yearOngoingMeasure in implementation4



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