Lasting Values

Since its founding as Niederösterreichische Elektrizitätswirtschafts- Aktiengesellschaft (NEWAG) in 1922, EVN has been committed to a set of basic values.

They have hardly changed in these many decades and, to a certain extent, form the company‘s DNA. Customer closeness, supply security, sustainability, social responsibility, and future orientation are among the most important of these core concerns. Over the years, they have not only been reflected in numerous strategic actions, individual decisions and investments by EVN. These values have also influenced the company’s communications and interaction with its various stakeholders and have been a recurring theme in advertising, annual reports, brochures and trade fair appearances by EVN and its predecessor companies.

The company archive holds the proof: EVN has remained true to its basic values for nearly one hundred years. And has always understood how to reinterpret and develop these values in an environment that has undergone repeated dramatic changes. For the benefit of customers, shareholders, society, the environment, employees and many more.

The following pages show selected objects from an exhibition under the title “Lasting Values. Stability in changing times. As illustrated in the many forms of advertising used by EVN and its predecessor companies.“ at the EVN headquarters in Maria Enzersdorf.

Supply security

Electricity comes from the socket – but only when a lot of people work behind the scenes with drive and commitment.

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poster, Netz NÖ, 2016


annual report, NIOGAS, 1983

Natural gas – today and tomorrow

folder, NIOGAS, 1965

Just as sure as the summer

poster, EVN, 2001

Ottenstein – the Lower Austrian Kaprun

poster, Elektrogemeinschaft NÖ, about 1960

Natural gas is the way of the future

brochure, NIOGAS, 1965

Customer confidence as the most valuable asset

What may seem obvious to all of us, is by no means the case. The “electricity that comes from the socket“ is, in fact, dependent on a broad bundle of measures and activities – from the creation of an adequate infrastructure for generation, transmission and distribution to future-oriented planning and procurement combined with continuous monitoring and controls as well as reserve capacity, storage facilities and troubleshooting. The same is true for natural gas, heat and drinking water – meaning for EVN’s entire product portfolio in all of its markets. The central promise to customers – reliable supplies in high quality around the clock – is connected with a high level of responsibility. Because for customers, continuous supplies are indeed supposed to be just a natural fact.

Focus on sustainable investments

Ever since its founding, EVN and its predecessor companies have made continuous investments in infrastructure. These wide-ranging activities include the development of the Kamp power plant chain immediately after World War II, the full electrification of Lower Austria by 1963, the expansion of the cross-regional and local natural gas network starting in 1954, completion of the so-called “Süd- und Westschiene“ natural gas transport pipeline in 2014, securing sufficient storage capacity for natural gas stocks, the construction of biomass heating plants and local and district heating networks as well as ring pipelines, pumping stations and filter plants for drinking water supplies. Extensive funds have flowed – and are still flowing – into the protection of supply security and quality, in Lower Austria and also in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia. EVN invested roughly one billion euros alone from 2013 to 2017 in order to remain the same reliable partner for its customers in Lower Austria that it has been for more than 90 years.


Customer closeness

Service, service, service – EVN has followed this principle and remained close to its customers for decades.

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Let’s talk about natural gas

brochure, NIOGAS/ÖVGW (Österreichische Vereinigung für das Gas- und Wasserfach), 1973

Planning for the future - with electricity and natural gas

documentary photo from the NEWAG and NIOGAS exhibition stand, Wiener Neustadt, 1966

Thermal Insulation and Indoor climate

folder, NEWAG and NIOGAS, 1978


poster, EVN, 2015

Well planned

poster, EVN, 2015

Some like it hot

poster/advertisement, EVN, 2001

Service. Service. Service.

poster/advertisement, EVN, 2001

Comfort and quality of life

No matter whether electricity (since 1922), natural gas (since 1954), heat (since 1962) or drinking water (since 2001) is involved – ever since its founding, EVN has made it possible for customers to enjoy a carefree and comfortable everyday life with a growing range of products and services. In Austria, just the same as in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Croatia. That goes far beyond “only“ reliable supplies of energy or water and also includes competent, individual full-service assistance – for private customers as well as commercial and industrial companies. For EVN, a traditionally important objective has been to meet all of its customers’ needs and concerns.

Saving both money and resources

From the very beginning, EVN’s energy advising has been based on creating a reasonable balance between customers’ personal budgets and the efficient use of resources. Thermal insulation and environmentally friendly hydropower were promoted, while EVN also set an early trend with proactive energy advising and practice-oriented household counselling at trade fairs and exhibits. New technologies formed another focal point – for example, through campaigns to replace older household appliances or the EVN bonus points, which were introduced in 2015 to reward energysaving purchases. The most important goal was, and still is, the reasonable use of energy. An extensive network of customer service centres – which, in Lower Austria, was recently expanded to include seven EVN service centres as comfortable one-stop shops – provides fast and easy access to EVN’s wide-ranging services and advising in all markets. Specialised technical expertise is a basic principle here, as is an open ear for customers. For that reason, customers’ needs and satisfaction levels are regularly surveyed and also candidly discussed by the Customer Advisory Boards.



Sustainable business operations are nothing new for EVN. For decades, the company has taken responsibility for people and the environment.

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My electricity

poster, EVN, 2016

A fresh wind

poster, EVN, 2017

Housekeeping made easier by refrigerators and freezers

advertisement, NEWAG, about 1975

His dream: more clean energy from every piece of coal

advertisement, EVN, 2008

People of Lower Austria – protect our valuable forests and use electrical appliances

poster, Elektrogemeinschaft NÖ, about 1960

Our water, our chance

advertisement, EVN, 2001

Natural gas + electricity. Clean air, healthy living space

brochure, NEWAG and NIOGAS, about 1975

High-quality, continuous performance

Sustainability per se is a basic principle for an energy and environmental services provider that is responsible for daily supplies to millions of people. Because only a company that is technically and commercially focused on continuous, high-quality performance can meet these obligations reliably. From the very beginning, EVN has therefore worked to place its generation and distribution plants – and also its corporate management – on a solid, longterm foundation. At the same time, it has always motivated its customers to use modern methods and equipment and to use energy efficiently and effectively. EVN’s energy advising was founded in 1977 to bundle these initiatives in an innovative way. In 1988 the claim “Energie vernünftig nutzen“ (using energy efficiently) became a fixed part of the EVN media presence.

Responsibility for future generations

EVN also made resource conservation an important focal point of its activities at an early stage and placed particular emphasis on an area that has a decisive influence on today’s energy supplies: CO2 reduction and climate protection. The use of renewable energy carriers is an important part of EVN’s current generation portfolio and is being expanded continuously. The current mediumterm goal, assuming the right framework conditions, calls for 500 MW of generation capacity from wind power. All EVN plants are certified according to strict environmental standards like EMAS, and environmental and social impact assessments are frequently included in the planning for new facilities. EVN also offers its customers a wide-ranging portfolio of energy-efficient products and services together with advising, which includes renewable technologies like heat pumps and photovoltaic equipment.


Future orientation

Looking forward – that has always been one of EVN’s basic principles. In both the technical and the economic areas.

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Princess made the decision for eco-electricity

advertisement, EVN, 2002

IBM magnetic tape machines, NEWAG and NIOGAS headquarters

documentary photo, Maria Enzersdorf, 1965

Long-distance runners

poster, EVN, 2012

NIOGAS – a good deal

folder, NIOGAS, 1967

Strong winds. Caution: bundled energy

poster, EVN, 2001

Not every EVN power plant looks like a power plant

poster, EVN, 2009

Long lines have a future

advertisement/small poster, EVN, 1992

Forward-looking actions

EVN and its predecessor companies have always had a clear vision and remained flexible and open to new ideas. A finely-tuned feeling for trends and developments has placed the company in a position to act with foresight and actively adapt to changes in its environment without changing its DNA. This steady look forward has proven to be successful time and time again – especially in view of the long investment cycles in the energy business. Whether the issues involved technological innovations (for example: In 1986 the Dürnrohr power plant was the first facility of its kind in Europe to be equipped with Japanese flue gas cleaning technology), political upheavals or social transformations, EVN has always been quick to recognise the signs of the times.

Innovative spirit and flexibility

The early conversion from city gas to natural gas beginning in the 1950s, the development of the Südstadt near Vienna as a model urban project, the expansion of the portfolio offering to include heat, drinking water and environmental services, the utilisation of investment opportunities in South Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, the transformation from an energy supplier to an energy service provider and, finally, to an energy manager – all these milestones underscore EVN’s innovative spirit and flexibility. And this continuous progress has never stopped: The company has steadily developed renewable energy sources for many years and is now one of the largest windpower producers in Austria. Moreover, joint projects with universities and research institutes help EVN remain on the cutting edge of technology. This goal is also supported by the EVN Trend Monitor – a Group-wide innovation platform that promotes the targeted exchange of information, strengthens employees’ knowledge base and serves as an inspiration for the development of new ideas and business models.


Responsibility for society

EVN is one of the most important companies and employers in each of its supply areas. That explains why its responsibility ranges far beyond its home borders

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Heat for everyone

brochure, NEWAG, about 1980

Caution! Life-threatening danger

poster, NEWAG, about 1950

District heating

brochure, VEÖ (Verband der Elektrizitätswerke Österreichs)about 1970

Untitled, sculpture from Christmas decorations

Marepe, an artist from Santo Antônio de Jesus, Bahia, Brazil, 2003

Our song

poster, EVN, 2013

It’s all energy!

folder, EVN school service, 2014

Broad range of initiatives

The central responsibility of an energy and environmental services provider is, of course, to provide high-quality, safe and reliable supplies and services to all customers and to guarantee protection in the event of crises and emergencies. This includes the continuous expansion of generation capacity and networks together with the regular updating of the product and service portfolio. But that is not enough: Companies of this size and importance must also address a wide variety of social concerns and, in this way, meet their widespread responsibility. For EVN, this has always been a matter of course – a belief that is demonstrated by numerous initiatives which range from assistance in emergency situations to information programmes, educational activities and cultural accents like the evn art collection which was started in 1995.

Social assistance and education

EVN’s activities in the social area are directed, above all, to fighting energy poverty through directed support and energy-saving advising for low-income households. The EVN Social Fund follows this same objective. In addition, joint projects are carried out with protected workshops, and EVN provides direct support for employees who do volunteer work. Children and young people are an important part of activities in this area, and the EVN school service with its wide range of learning materials, lectures and excursion opportunities represents an important focal point. EVN also works closely together with universities, not least to increase the interest in technical professions – particularly among women.

EVN GHB 2016/17