Sustainability Report

As a responsible energy and environmental services provider, EVN faces the challenge to regard economic, ecological and social aspects as an entity and to create a balance between the requirements of different interest groups. As a consequence of this orientation, EVN joined the UN Global Compact in September 2005. EVN’s corporate strategy is strictly committed to sustainability.

EVN has published an annual sustainability report since 2002. With this year’s report, EVN has performed a reorientation and further integration of the annual report and the sustainability report publications. All facts and figures – regarding the business development as well as sustainability – can be found in this report. In order to address a broader target group and to inform on EVN’s activities, current and relevant topics are published in the form of a magazine. In case you have not obtained the magazine, you can access it at

Scope of the report: The scope of the report is identical with the EVN business year and covers the time between 1 October 2009 and 30 September 2010. The report is oriented to the Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and beginning with the report year 2009/10, additional GRI indicators for the electricity industry (Electric Utility Sector Supplements) are incorporated. The report encompasses the consolidated companies of the EVN Group. As per 30 September 2010, this was constituted by 60 fully consolidated and 5 quota consolidated companies including the parent company EVN. Another 15 companies included at equity are covered by this report (for further information see here).

Data collection and calculation was performed by the Environmental Protection and Controlling department as well as the Accounting departments. The GRI Indicator Protocol, applied as fully as possible, serves as the basis of the data. In case certain factors do not apply to all of these consolidated companies, this will be noted. EVN has grown substantially due to the acquisitions within the past years, hence, the collection of data has been extended constantly. EVN’s target is to gather all figures on a group-wide basis. In the report year 2009/10 further improvements were achieved such as expanding the companies incorporated in the environmental cost calculation for this report year (see here).

This report also serves as a progress report for the UN Global Compact. Copy deadline: 25 November 2010

Key figures

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    2009/10 2008/09 2007/08
1) Proposal to the Annual General Meeting
2) On full-time equivalent basis (FTE); annual average
3) Without building residues and power station by-products; up to and incl. 2007/08: EVN AG and EVN Netz GmbH; from 2008/09 whole Group. The increase is mainly due to the inclusion of EVN waste incineration plant (>80%).
4) Since 2008/09: all plants in Lower Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia; data 2007/08 not including Bulgaria and Macedonia
Revenue EURm 2,752.1 2,727.0 2,397.0
Group net profit EURm 207.0 177.9 186.9
Net cash flow from operating activities EURm 499.3 335.3 382.6
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) % 5.6 5.4 6.3
Dividend per share EUR 0.401) 0.37 0.37
Number of employees2) Ø 8,536 8,937 9,342
Employee fluctuation % 3.1 3.6 3.9
Proportion of women % 22.5 22.9 22.4
Training hours per employee Std. 27.1 23.9 11.4
Number of occupational accidents   74 103 110
Electricity generation from renewable energy GWh 1,300 1,267 1,300
Specific CO2 emissions t/MWh 0,338 0,400 0,424
Specific NOx emissions kg/MWh 0,257 0,298 0,330
Hazardous waste3) t 12,036 10,518 837
Water consumption (drinking and process water)4) m3 1,454.942 1,634.838 1,324.265


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