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Aspect: Economic Performance

EC2 Financial effects of climate change

Reducing the impact of climate change and the obligation of climate protection and reduction of CO2 is one of the central strategic issues of EVN. Climate change is a challenge that demands new business models. EVN exploits these opportunities and is intensively concerned with new technologies to guarantee security of supply also in the future and at the same time to minimise impacts on climate and the environment. EVN is particularly involved in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable energy services. The aim of EVN is to increase the long-term proportion of renewable energy sources in the context of power generation to 50%. To increase the energy efficiency of its clients, EVN provides numerous services for household, industrial and business customers, but also for municipalities.

EC4 Government financial assistance
NÖ Landes-Beteiligungsholding GmbH holds a 51% share of EVN AG. In the financial year 2011/12, EUR 1.6m (9.9% thereof through funding) was spent on innovation, development, and research projects. There is no additional financial support for EVN from public sector bodies. Insofar as isolated material laws provide the opportunity for the utilisation of incentives, as is the case, for example, of the Eco-Electricity Act or the research and development tax credit, EVN studies the conditions laid down and applies respectively for the funds allocated to it.



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