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Corporate profile and resources

EVN is a leading, international, listed energy and environmental services company. Its headquarters are located in Lower Austria, the largest Austrian province.

EVN is currently active in 16 countries and employed an average workforce of 7,314 during the 2013/14 financial year. The company’s main operating locations are Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Germany, each defined by a workforce of more than 100. The major activities of the EVN Group are combined under the national and international energy business (energy generation, network operations including cable TV and telecommunications and energy supply) and the environmental services business (drinking water supply, wastewater disposal and thermal waste utilisation), which are complemented by strategic investments. EVN is divided into six segments for management purposes, which also correspond to IFRS reporting requirements: Generation, Energy Trade and Supply, Network Infrastructure Austria, Energy Supply South East Europe, Environmental Services as well as Strategic Investments and Other Business.

Regional coverage in the energy business

  • GRI indicators: Organisational profile: Overview of products (G4-4);Location of the organisation’s headquarters (G4-5); Locations of significant operations (G4-6); Scale of the organisation (G4-9)


Regional coverage in the energy business

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Regulated gridElectricity supplyGas supplyHeat supplyHydropowerWindpowerPhotovoltaicsBiomassThermal power
Germany1)  2)



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