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EVN strives to ensure equal treatment of the interests of all its stakeholders. The following chapter provides information on the individual stakeholder groups.

As a responsible energy and environmental services provider, EVN is committed to balanced and equal treatment of the interests and requirements of all stakeholder groups. Based on this fundamental orientation, EVN sees the dimensions “People“, “Environment“ and “Economy“ as three interrelated parts of a whole and works to achieve a balance between any conflicts of interest.

The publication of EVN’s first environmental report in 1990 was followed by continuous improvements over the following years and subsequent development into a sustainability report in 2002. The increasing importance of sustainability aspects for EVN’s business model has been reflected in the release of an integrated annual report – a so-called “full report“ – since the 2009/10 financial year. The content of this report gives equal treatment to sustainability aspects, financial information and corporate governance.

The structure of the following chapters is based on the various stakeholder groups and thereby intends to enable direct access to information relevant to the individual addressees. All of the subjects relevant for EVN’s various stakeholder groups are given equal treatment. The selection of the subjects and information is based on the materiality matrix(see here).

An overview of the GRI indicators is provided on the end-cover flap of this full report to facilitate the location of specific content. References to the GRI indicators are also included in the corresponding sections of the report. Links to additional information on the EVN website and other publications are intended to limit the scope of this report and supply detailed facts and figures on selected issues and projects.



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