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When you want to be a sustainable energy provider – you should also advise your customers on how to save energy

Integral thinking means to optimise instead of only maximising. At first glance, this might not seem economical, but it certainly can make sense in the long term and can safeguard the entire system.

Customers represent the focal point of all activities for EVN. This is demonstrated, above all, by the high importance given to the strategic areas of activity “focus on customers“ and “supply security“ in EVN’s materiality matrix.

In 2013/14, nearly four million customers placed their trust in the safe and reliable energy and environmental products and services offered by EVN from a single hand. This wide-ranging portfolio – which includes electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water as well as wastewater disposal, cable TV and telecommunications – helps to improve the quality of life for people in 21 countries across Central and South Eastern Europe. EVN, in its role as a network operator, acknowledges its responsibility to provide the customers in its supply areas with secure access to energy. The necessary network reliability is protected by a targeted investment policy. EVN supplies 3.5 million customers with electricity, natural gas and heat. Roughly 503,900 customers in Lower Austria are supplied directly and indirectly with clean drinking water, and a further 219,000 customers use EVN’s cable TV and telecommunications services. The plants built by EVN’s environmental services business in recent years provide thermal waste utilisation, drinking water supplies and wastewater disposal for 17.2 million customers in 18 countries throughout Europe. EVN’s broad customer base is reflected, above all, in the energy business, where households comprise roughly two-thirds of the customers. The remaining customers are commercial enterprises, industrial companies and public institutions. In the project-based environmental business, EVN works primarily with public customers like cities and municipalities.

EVN’s customer structure30.09.2014
Electricity grid3,308,000
Natural gas grid292,400
Heating grid81,900
Environmental services
Drinking water (Austria)1)503,900
International drinking/wastewater services (PE2))17,235,000
Cable TV and telecommunication219,000



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