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Customer Advisory Board

EVN took another step to improve its dialogue with customers by founding the Customer Advisory Board in 2011. This board, which entered its second term of office during the reporting year, is designed to provide an increased understanding of the opinions, concerns and needs of customers, and thereby support the company’s continuous efforts to increase customer satisfaction. The Customer Advisory Board has a key advisory function, draws attention to current trends and issues, contributes fresh ideas and recommendations and, in this way, has an important influence on the design of services, products and communication measures. The main subjects of the information exchange in 2013/14 included the EVN Journal (magazine for EVN customers), energy invoices and the EVN homepage as well as selected tariff products.

The 24 members of the Customer Advisory Board represent EVN’s diverse range of customers and help the company to also see its business operations from the customers’ differentiated points of view. The Customer Advisory Board is elected every two years, with the next elections scheduled for 2015. Interested EVN customers can find an invitation to apply in the EVN Journal, on the EVN homepage and in the EVN Newsletter. The board members are selected with a view to achieving a balance between various customer groups and thereby ensuring the inclusion of many different interests. The members of the Customer Advisory Board come together twice each year, when they also meet EVN staff and representatives of the Executive Board to discuss issues that are relevant to customers and to develop suggestions for improvement.

EVN Bulgaria, which first invited interested customers to apply for nomination to a Customer Advisory Board in September 2013, started its activities in this area during the first quarter of the reporting year. The meetings of the Customer Advisory Board served as a platform for the exchange of information, criticism and ideas between representatives of EVN and household customers and also resulted in recommendations to improve products, services and customer service. Plans now call for the installation of a Customer Advisory Board by EVN Macedonia in 2015. For this purpose, an underlying concept, based on the experience gained in Austria and Bulgaria, was developed in the reporting period.



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