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Aspect: Access to basic services

EU26 Population in sales area without electricity supply

Full coverage can be assumed in all countries where EVN is the electricity supplier.

EU27 Electricity disconnections due to payment arrears

EVN offers individual support and instalment payment options for customers who are unable to pay their bills on time. The past years were, however, still characterised by inconsistent payment behaviour and the frequent inability to meet scheduled payments, especially in Bulgaria and Macedonia. In 2013/14 the collection rate was 99.5% in Bulgaria and at 91.2% in Macedonia. The collection rate for heating payments in Bulgaria equalled 85.8%. In spite of its high commitment to social responsibility, EVN is forced to interrupt energy supplies when payment arrears extend over a longer period of time. The number of disconnections remained stable at a low level in Austria, but EVN was required to take this final step more frequently in Bulgaria and Macedonia – where, in contrast to Austria, meters are read and invoices are sent on a monthly basis. Supply interruptions are generally reversed within 24 hours in Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia after the required payments are made or an extension or instalment payment agreement is concluded. EVN has introduced numerous measures in the past to help customers meet their payment obligations on time. These measures include an educational programme on energy savings (see the text box “Winter 2013“) as well as a wide range of information and awareness-raising initiatives. For example, customers in Bulgaria can receive e-mail or text message reminders on the approaching end of the payment period to avoid disconnections due to unintentional late payments. EVN also places a special focus on the reliable delivery of invoices and simple payment procedures.



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