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When you take resource conservation seriously – you need to work even harder on energy production and distribution

Resource conservation requires a professional approach and maximum performance. Because minimising the impact on primary energy carriers, other raw materials, the atmosphere and landscape as well as people, flora and fauna requires experience and innovative concepts. That is why EVN works continuously on efficiency improvements and the further reduction of emissions, also in conventional energy generation.

The central importance of employees for EVN and its stakeholders is expressed, not least, by the high priority given to the area of activity “responsible employer“ in EVN’s materiality matrix

During business year 2013/14, EVN Group employed an average of 7,314 employees. The expansion of business activities in up to 21 countries over the past ten years has significantly increased cultural diversity. As a means of maintaining EVN’s identity and brand promise toward its stakeholders in all countries according to the same high standards applied in Lower Austria, key values were introduced throughout the entire Group: E(V)Nsure, E(V)Ncourage, E(V)Nable. They represent an important element of the major instruments that determine the corporate culture, e.g. the managerial mission statement and the feedback and orientation sessions (FOS). These key values help employees to fill the EVN brand with life.

Employee key indicators (G4-10, LA1)2013/142012/13
Number of employees1)Number7,3147,497
thereof women%21.421.9
Employee fluctuation3)%2.83.2
Average employment periodYears16.016.1
Average ageYears43.843.5
Revenue per employee4)EUR270,007282,858
Sick days per employeeNumber1010
Cost of personnel in relation to revenue4)%15.914.5



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