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Employee satisfaction

Increasing employees’ satisfaction with their working environment and the related conditions is a central concern for EVN. Regular surveys are carried out to collect data for relevant indicators and suggestions for continuous improvement. The first survey on employee satisfaction in Bulgaria was conducted in 2011/12 and followed by a survey at EVN Macedonia in September 2013. The high participation rate of 85% underscores the open feedback culture and the close ties between employees and the company. Over 80% of the survey participants indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their employer, EVN. The employees’ willingness to communicate is also reflected in the fact that roughly one-third of the respondents took the time to include individual feedback in the form of open comments. The evaluation of the survey results also served as the basis for developing concrete measures to address the employees’ central concerns. Occupational safety and communications were identified as important issues, and further measures will be implemented to improve conditions in these areas.



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