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Diversity of the workforce

As of 30 September 2014, 1,593 women (21.4%) and 5,836 men (78.6%) were employed by EVN. The average number of apprentices in the reporting period was 52. The EVN AG and Netz Niederösterreich GmbH workforces consist entirely of salaried employees. No differentiation is made between wage and salaried employees in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Diversity of employees 2013/14
Number of employees
thereof women%18.824.719.031.721.4
thereof men%81.275.381.068.378.6
Type of employment1)
Contract type
Part-time in total%
Part-time women%
Individuals with special needs%

The Group-wide share of wage employees equalled 4.0%. In line with EVN‘s international business model, the workforce includes a number of different nationalities. Men and women from more than 20 countries work for EVN, whereby most come from Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia. Employee turnover during the reporting year equalled 2.8%. This indicator does not include transfers within the Group, retirements or departures based on the Macedonian social plan and was not analysed in detail due to its low level. A total of 87 women and 182 men joined EVN in 2013/14.

The EVN Group uses personnel leasing for three reasons: first, as a preliminary step to a conventional employment relationship (integration leasing); second, for projects covering a limited time period; and third, to handle peak work periods. A total of 184 leased employees worked for the EVN Group as of 30 September 2014.

Women comprised 21.4% of EVN’s workforce during the reporting year. The Women@EVN programme was launched in 2010 /11 to increase this ratio and has improved the opportunities and perspectives for women working for the EVN Group in Austria. This programme has been supplemented by an internal women’s network since 2014. The various measures to optimise working conditions are designed to help women attain skilled and /or managerial positions according to their interests and abilities.

The compatibility of work and family is also an important issue for EVN. Accordingly, the company offers flexible work models such as part-time work or flexitime without core times, individual support after parental leave, holiday child care (Holidays@EVN), information events for employees on parental leave and an extensive training programme that is also open to employees on parental leave. EVN is working to increase the share of women over the medium term to a level that mirrors the current educational levels of women in the applicable professional groups.

At EVN, women and men with comparable functions, qualifications and length of service with the company receive the same remuneration for the same work. Austrian law requires companies with a workforce above a certain threshold to submit a biannual remuneration report (§ 11a of the Equal Opportunity Act). All companies in the EVN Group with a workforce above the legally defined threshold prepared and submitted the required report to their respective works council.

Total number of new employees 2013/14

  • GRI indicators: Total staff by employment type, work contract and region (G4-10); Total staff and fluctuation (LA1); Diversity of employees and leading bodies (LA12); Differences in remuneration due to gender (LA13)



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