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Human resources development

EVN’s business performance is based on its highly qualified and motivated employees. Not only their know-how, but also their motivation and their continuous readiness to learn play an important role in the company’s sustainable success. Maintaining and increasing employees’ high levels of expertise therefore represent a focal point of human resources activities. The EVN Academy was founded to organise the training and continuing education programmes in Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia. Each area of the company has designated specific employees to serve as training coordinators.

Their function is to assess the development needs of individual employees, submit the results to the EVN Academy teams and coordinate qualification programmes.

  • GRI indicator: Programme for knowledge management and lifelong learning (LA10)

Employee survey: Mental stress on the job

As part of its health programme, EVN carried out an extensive employee survey during the reporting year to collect data on the subject of “mental stress on the job”. That made EVN one of the first companies to meet the legal requirements introduced in 2013, which require the evaluation of employees’ physical as well as mental health.

The survey was carried out during March and April 2014 and had an above-average response rate of over 70%. In addition to questions on the objective stress situation, the employees’ subjective priorities for improvement were also examined. The results of the survey represented a good average based on a representative norm group comparison. The employees’ suggestions for improvement will now be reviewed in workshops to develop specific measures for implementation.

Continuous training and education

In 2013/14, EVN invested a total of EUR 2.3m (2012/13: EUR 2.3m), or EUR 310.4 (2012/13: EUR 314.8) per employee, in continuous training and education. Each employee spent an average of 34.9 hours on these programmes. The offering concentrated on specialist seminars, language training and seminars to strengthen social skills. The specialist seminars included an increased number of courses related to the natural gas business, whereby the initial courses were attended by roughly 250 employees and the refresher courses by roughly 420 employees.

EVN’s education structure 2013/14

The training centre established by EVN in Stara Zagora during 2011/12 led to a substantial improvement in training for the Bulgarian employees. The programmes held in Bulgaria and Macedonia during the reporting year focused on personal behaviour and included subjects such as time management and efficient discussions. In addition, the e-learning programmes launched by EVN Bulgaria in November 2012 have attracted 2,176 employees to date and were continued in 2013/14. They included courses on process and project management as well as English. In Macedonia, the courses concentrated on languages and IT.

Training and further education 2013/142012/131)
Average training expenses per employeeEUR310.4314.8
Training hours per employeehrs.34.931.3

Securing skilled labour requirements

EVN has implemented various measures to meet the future demands for skilled workers and managers, among others in the areas of apprentice training (see here), talent management and leadership development:

  • Talent management: EVN supports the internal recruitment of managerial staff with training programmes to expand the qualifications and support the personal development of employees. One programme implemented to reach this goal is the EVN Summer University, “EVN SUN“. This year‘s Summer University, which was held from 21 to 26 September 2014 in cooperation with the Danube University Krems, included international lecturers on operations management, innovation & change management, cross-cultural management and key performance indicators. The theoretical presentations were supplemented by numerous practical case studies. EVN managers were also available to discuss interesting issues. The programme included seven female employees and 13 male employees from Austria, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Germany.
  • Leadership development: Leadership development is an important focal point of training and further education at the EVN Academies in Austria, Bulgaria and Macedonia. These programmes are designed to prepare selected employees to assume leadership and expert tasks over the medium term as well as to make use of internal career opportunities. In 2011/12, a specially designed, individual management training programme was introduced for employees who are designated for management positions. EVN also supports training at the university level, among others, through MBA programmes. A pilot group for the exchange of experience between team leaders was also introduced in 2013/14 as a platform for evaluating challenging situations.
  • Securing skilled labour requirements (EU14)

EVN introduces itself as an attractive employer at apprenticeship events and career fairs and in joint appearances with universities and universities of applied sciences. In 2013/14, EVN participated in the career fair of the Vienna University of Technology, in Career Calling, in High-Potential Day in Vienna as well as in career fairs in Bulgaria (e.g. “National Career Days“ in Plovdiv) and in Macedonia (e.g. “Skopje Fair”, “Job Fair” by SEEU Tetovo). EVN is also represented on information platforms like kununu, Facebook and Watchado.

The inclusion of and support for regional employees leads to an increased understanding of the unique characteristics of the local culture and creates economic benefits. In all EVN markets, almost all employees and most of the management staff are natives of the respective region. Strengthening local management capacity represents an important aspect of the corporate strategy. EVN therefore supports career planning for local employees in Bulgaria and Macedonia with specific management training and international programmes. Included here, for example, is the already mentioned EVN Summer University, a training and networking platform for future managers.

Feedback and orientation sessions

Feedback and orientation sessions are held each year in all major EVN companies in Austria. These instruments allow for an appraisal by the employee’s supervisor and structured feedback on work performance and quality. Additionally, development goals and measures are defined. More than 90% of all employees are covered by these sessions and therefore receive regular feedback on their performance and development plans.

  • GRI indicator: Performance evaluation and development plans for employees (LA11)



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