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Shareholder structure

EVN is a listed stock corporation under Austrian law whose shares are traded in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange. In accordance with Austrian federal and provincial constitutional law, 51.0% of the shares are held by NÖ Landes-Beteiligungsholding GmbH, St. Pölten, which is a subsidiary of the province of Lower Austria. On 20 December 2013 EnBW Energie Baden- Württemberg AG, Karlsruhe, Germany, concluded a trust agreement with EnBW Trust within the framework of a so-called contractual trust arrangement model. This arrangement resulted in the transfer by EnBW of its 32.5% investment in EVN AG to EnBW Trust on a fiduciary basis. Consequently, the second largest shareholder is EnBW Trust e.V., Karlsruhe, Germany, with an investment of 32.5%. As of 30 September 2014 EVN AG held treasury shares representing 1.1% of share capital and free float equalled 15.4%.

Shareholder structure

  • GRI indicator: Nature of ownership and legal form (G4-7)



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