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Capital market financing by EVN

In the past EVN has frequently raised long-term loans by issuing public and private bonds. The currently outstanding public bond with a volume of EUR 300.0m had a term of 10.5 years when it was issued in October 2011 and will mature in April 2022. The longterm end of the spectrum in EVN’s maturity profile is formed by two private placements with a combined volume of EUR 125.0m that will mature in February 2032. Foreign currency financing in the form of a JPY 12.0bn private placement was also outstanding as of 30 September 2014. The related foreign exchange risk was hedged when the instrument was issued. In addition to the capital market financing issued within the context of its debt issuance programme, EVN also used the market for promissory note loans in October 2012 to successfully issue a EUR 121.5m promissory note loan.

Due to the corporate strategy of consolidating and reducing net debt, there were no new capital market issues during the reporting year. EVN carried out the scheduled repayment of a CHF 250.0m bond in February 2014 and a JPY 8.0bn private placement in September 2014.

EVN bonds Public bonds Private placements
Volume 300.0m 12.0bn 28.5m
Due date 13.04.2022 09.01.2024 11.03.2016
Maturity (yrs) 10.5 15 7
Coupon (% p. a.) 4.250 3.130 5.000
ISIN XS0690623771 XS0406428036 XS0417260329
EVN bonds Private placements
Volume 150.0m 30.0m 100.0m 25.0m
Due date 23.06.2017 18.03.2019 20.02.2032 23.02.2032
Maturity (yrs) 8 10 20 20
Coupon (% p. a.) 5.250 5.250 4.125 4.125
ISIN XS0434384334 XF000NS4HD4 XS0744577627 XS0746091981



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