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Investor Relations

EVN places high priority on the provision of transparent and timely information. This commitment is designed to give all stakeholders an opportunity to form a realistic evaluation of the EVN Group’s activities and economic development. The related activities are the responsibility of the Investor Relations Department, which is assigned to the Finance Department and reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer of the EVN Group. The main focus of investor relations activities is to establish and maintain a regular and active dialogue with current and potential investors, stock and bond analysts, banks and rating agencies.

EVN share price – relative development

The dialogue with capital market participants is based on clear principles and rules, to which EVN is explicitly committed and which form a key element of responsible communications based on mutual trust. Content that is timely, transparent, understandable and solid is the benchmark for the company’s information policy. Special attention is also given to sustainability-oriented investors and their information requirements, as EVN believes in tailoring its communications media to the different needs of the various stakeholder groups.

Wide-ranging information activities

In addition to participating in numerous road shows, EVN reports comprehensively on the development of business in quarterly telephone conferences for analysts, institutional investors and banks, and in semi-annual press conferences for journalists. Private shareholders receive detailed information not only at the Annual General Meeting but, for the past seven years, also at an information afternoon in connection with the presentation of half-year results by the Executive Board of EVN AG.

In 2013/14 the Chief Financial Officer and the Investor Relations team took part in international conferences and road shows in Boston, Frankfurt, Milan, New York, Paris, Toronto and Zürs. A “reverse road show“ was also organised in Zwentendorf for national and international investment banks and investors.

The following institutions issue regular analyses on the development of business at EVN: Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs International, Kepler Cheuvreux, Macquarie Capital (Europe), Raiffeisen Centrobank and Société Générale. As of 30 September 2014 the EVN share had three “buy” and three “hold” recommendations with an average target price of EUR 11.82. Additional information on the individual recommendations can be found under www.evn.at/analyses.

Numerous awards

EVN also received numerous national and international awards and prizes in various categories during 2013/14:

  • ARC Awards 2014 for the 2012/13 Full Report:
    • Gold in the category “Full Report“
    • Gold in the category “Content“
    • Honorary award for “Cover/Photo/Design“
  • Trend Austrian Annual Reporting Awards 2014 for the 2012/13 Full Report:
    • 1st Place in the category “Graphic Presentation/Layout“
    • 2nd Place in the category “Sustainability“
    • 3rd Place in the category “Business Analysis“
  • 2nd Place at the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award (ASRA) 2014 in in the category “Integrated Annual and Sustainability Report“
  • Two first places for EVN Macedonia at the National CSR Awards 2013 in the categories “Energy Efficiency Platform“ and “Employee Relationships – Strategic Approach to the Professional Development of Young People“
  • EVN Bulgaria received the Prometeya Prize from the Bulgarian Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in 2013 for its achievements in the area of occupational safety and employee health.

Extensive online offering

In order to improve resource conservation and sustainability also in its capital market communications, EVN is increasing the use of electronic media. One related step involves the general elimination of mass printing and mailing in connection with EVN’s shareholder letters (quarterly reports). This information is available in the form of online reports or PDF documents on the EVN website under www.investor.evn.at. EVN shareholders can also receive these reports in hard copy via mail if requested.

EVN’s Internet portals, EVN www.investor.evn.at and www.verantwortung.evn.at, include the full report and quarterly reports, capital market announcements, information on the Annual General Meeting, road shows and analyst presentations as well as audio recordings of the EVN conference calls. These websites also contain analysts’ assessments on the company’s development, online stock exchange information and numerous services tailored to meet the needs of individual investors.



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