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As a responsible energy and environmental services provider, EVN has been committed to social responsibility for many years. The company strives to achieve a balance between economic, ecological and social viewpoints.

EVN carries shared responsibility for the social development of its markets and has an influence on local stakeholders through numerous economic connections. All new projects are therefore subject to environmental and social compatibility assessments that also include relevant social aspects. The company’s management approach covers all social aspects of its business related to governance, compliance, corporate ethics, the prevention of corruption, public appearance and competitive behaviour. This management approach is defined in the EVN Code of Conduct (www.evn.at/Code-of-conduct).

EVN has prepared comprehensive crisis, emergency and contingency plans and implemented training programmes for major segments of its business activities, especially for risk scenarios that may affect the population. Crisis situations are simulated at all EVN locations, and internal and external training programmes on crisis management are also held in Lower Austria. Regular training is provided for the emergency staff, while annual training courses for all duty personnel and annual security training programmes for all employees are held. Crisis management systems have also been implemented in Bulgaria and Macedonia.



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