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Aspect: Corruption

SO3 Examination of corruption risks

Corruption represents a risk factor in EVN’s internal risk management system, and appropriate instructions have been issued for all Group companies based on the EVN Code of Conduct. The work by the internal audit department also includes a review of compliance- related circumstances and rules that could lead to or be related to corruption.

SO4 Employee anti-corruption training

All employees receive training on the EVN Code of Conduct and anti-corruption policies of the company. The implementation of the comprehensive compliance management system was accompanied by the preparation of a compliance manual that provides employees with information and forms the basis for all related Group-wide training programmes. Moreover, a whistle-blowing platform for the Austrian workforce was installed in the EVN Intranet during the 2012/13 year. Conventional training courses on compliance were also held for all employees. Following the conclusion of data protection audits in EVN’s major foreign markets, whistle-blowing procedures will soon be introduced in these countries.

SO5 Anti-corruption measures

No corruption issues were reported during 2013/14. Infringements and violations represent a breach of the employees’ responsibilities and may lead to consequences under criminal law. Any confirmed suspicions would result in prosecution under labour and/or civil law, depending on the severity of the case and the scope of the damage. Therefore, employees who unintentionally come into conflicts of interest or loyalty during the course of their work are advised to contact EVN’s compliance officer directly and without delay.



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