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Aspect: Freedom of assembly and collective negotiation

HR4 Right of free assembly and collective negotiation

For EVN and its subsidiaries at all locations, the right of free assembly and collective negotiation represents a cornerstone for the implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the ILO core work norms. This right also forms an integral part of the EVN integrity clause, which is the basis for all orders and contracts with suppliers and business partners by and with EVN. EVN and its subsidiaries do not conduct any business activities that could endanger the free exercise of employee rights, in particular the freedom of assembly and collective negotiation. In Austria and all other EU countries, these rights are guaranteed by law. EVN has also established a works council in its Austrian Group companies and supported the founding of a EU works council to monitor compliance with these and other human and employee rights at EVN‘s facilities in the EU.

An analysis was conducted of the countries or geographical regions where these human rights could be at risk. It concluded that Russia is the only business location for EVN’s subsidiaries outside the EU that could be considered a risk country for human rights. EVN’s legal department therefore conducted extensive research into human rights compliance in such risk countries and intensified its own further education in this field. In the course of the internal training sessions on the EVN Code of Conduct, the department also ensured that the management of the Russian subsidiaries and facilities were made aware of the need to comply with human and employee rights, especially those mentioned above. Assessments and feedback indicated that these rights are not endangered by the business activities of EVN or its subsidiaries in Russia. As a further precautionary measure to protect human and employee rights, EVN evaluates the relevant risks prior to the start of each international project.



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