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Aspect: Energy

EVN realises efficiency improvements in many areas through the use of new technologies and continuous optimisation measures, also in connection with additional voluntary target agreements related to its EMAS certifications. These goals and measures are also described in the CSR programme here. The development of EVN’s own energy consumption in comparison with the previous year is shown in the table on GRI indicator EN3.

EVN’s energy intensity1) for energy generation totalled 17.99 MWh of primary energy for each GWh of electricity generated. EVN uses electric vehicles for short distances wherever feasible to reduce indirect energy use. The increased use of vehicles with alternative power sources for longer distances is also a focus of activities. Business travel is reduced as far as possible through the use of video conferencing. In Bulgaria, plant windows were replaced and a solar-thermal system for independent warm water supply was installed at the headquarters to reduce the indirect use of energy.

1) Energy intensity includes EVN’s own consumption of electricity, natural gas, heat and heating oil as a percentage of the total energy sales volume

EN3, EN4 Direct and indirect own energy consumption
broken down by primary energy sources
Natural gasMWh5,2586,229
Heating oil3)MWh179324
  • GRI indicators: Energy consumption within the organisation (EN3), Energy intensity (EN5); Reduction of energy consumption (EN6)
  • For details on the EMAS certifications, see here.

The products and services in EVN’s core businesses (energy, water, services) do not lead to any (additional) energy consumption for customers. No data is available on energy consumption by suppliers or service providers.



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