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Aspect: Water

EN8 Total water withdrawal by sources

The increase in utility water consumption during 2013/14 resulted, above all, from the initial inclusion of the Duisburg-Walsum coal-fired power plant in these statistics. In contrast, the use of cooling water declined year-on-year, above all due to the lower use of the thermal power plants.

EN8 Water withdrawal2013/141)2012/13
Drinking water (municipal suppliers)m3375,890320,877
Water use (groundwater)m31,919,1311,720,062
Cooling water (surface waters)m3158,617,752237,576,241

EN9 Sources of water that are fundamentally affected by the withdrawal of water

EVN plants obtain their water from municipal providers or groundwater wells. In 2013/14, the cooling water flow rate at the thermal power stations along the Danube River totalled 155.6m m³. This corresponds to 0.26% of the average annual volume of the Danube recorded at the Korneuburg gauge1) (measuring point number 207241), which amounted to 59,981m m³ and remains clearly below the allowed threshold of 5%.

1) Source: Austrian Hydrographical Annual 2010, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

EN10 Recovered and reused water

The EVN power plants reuse wastewater as process water whenever possible.



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