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EN31 Expenses and investments for environmental protection

The environmental cost calculation includes all fully consolidated and relevant subsidiaries of the EVN Group in Austria. The environment- related expenditures is expected to amount to over EUR 10,000 in 2013/14. The collection of this data is based on the International Environmental Cost Accounting Guideline issued by the International Federation of Accountants. Environmental costs are defined as the monetised, internal costs of the impact of business activities on the environment and, in particular, the costs of damage prevention and repair.

In 2013/14 the environmental costs of the analysed business areas amounted to EUR 104.0m. They include damage repair costs (e.g. for the restoration of contaminated sites) as well as damage prevention costs (e.g. for environmental management and/or flue gas cleaning). On the charts, these expenditures are classified by environmental media and cast categories. The highest costs are found in the area of emission treatment because of the extensive amount of flue gas cleaning. Environment-related income (scrap metal sales, waste-generated steam) totalled EUR 26.5m in 2013/14.



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