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When you want to convert biomass into heat and electricity – you need reliable agriculture and forestry partners

Energy must always be available when customers need it. EVN’s heating supplies based on biomass create a win-win situation in this respect. Thanks to its long-standing partnerships, the company has earned a reputation for the intelligent use of forestry wood chips – and can depend on reliable supplies of raw materials from our local forests. With more than 60 plants, EVN is the number one for biomass heat in Austria.

For EVN as an international energy and environmental services company with a broad portfolio of products and services, cooperation with a large number of different suppliers and service providers is an important success factor.

Fair, transparent and partnership-based business relations with its suppliers – from the initial contact to payment of the invoice – represent an integral part of EVN’s business practices. EVN is committed to the principles of economy in its procurement processes and to free and fair competition, the equal treatment of all bidders, confidentiality during business transactions, transparency and the documentation of results, resource conservation and social responsibility. In exchange, the company also places high demands on its suppliers to provide services that are socially, economically and ecologically responsible.



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