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Capital expenditure rose by EUR 23.5m, or 6.3%, to EUR 396.3m in 2013/14. Supply security represented the focal point of investments, whereby EUR 135.4 and EUR 38.6m, respectively, were invested in the electricity and natural gas networks in Lower Austria. In the electricity network the expansion of the 110 kV power lines can be highlighted, while in the natural gas network the main investments focused on the completion of the Westschiene natural gas transport pipeline.

In the Generation Segment, the focal point of investments was on the expansion of windpower capacity in Lower Austria. Most of the investments in the thermal power plants were attributable to the completion of the Duisburg-Walsum coal-fired power plant.

The volume of investments in the Energy Trade and Supply Segment was slightly higher than the previous year, chiefly due to the further expansion of the district heating network and the construction of biomass heating plants.

Structure of investments

Investments in South Eastern Europe declined year-on-year, above all in Bulgaria. In Croatia, work continued to expand natural gas supplies along the Dalmatian coast.

In the Environmental Services Segment, investments focused, above all, on water supplies in Lower Austria and on wastewater disposal.

The following chart provides an overview of the most important investments.

Investment priorities at EVN2)2013/14
in %
thereof thermal power stations36.122.813.458.6
thereof renewable energy Lower Austria47.645.02.55.6
thereof renewable energy South Eastern Europe0.00.1-0.1-80.5
Energy Trade and Supply32.330.02.37.6
thereof district heating plants30.729.11.65.4
Network Infrastructure Austria186.8176.410.45.9
thereof electricity networks135.499.535.936.1
thereof natural gas networks38.665.1-26.5-40.7
thereof cable TV and telecommunications networks11.89.91.919.1
Energy Supply South East Europe77.582.4-5.0-6.0
Environmental Services13.311.91.411.5
thereof combined cycle heat and power plants in Moscow1.95.2-3.3-63.1
thereof supra-regional power lines, local networks and wastewater9.
Strategic Investments and Other Business2.53.5-1.0-29.8



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