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The structure of the EVN Group is based on three general categories: the energy business, the environmental services business and other business activities. The energy business covers the entire electricity and heat value chain from generation and distribution to networks and supply, while the natural gas business is concentrated on the distribution and supply. This product portfolio is supplemented by the activities of EVN subsidiaries in related areas as well as regional cable TV and telecommunication services. The environmental services business involves activities in the areas of drinking water supply, wastewater disposal and thermal waste utilisation.

The definition of the operating segment is done in accordance with the requirements of IFRS 8 “Business Segments“ and is therefore based exclusively on the internal organisational and reporting structure of the EVN Group. The following section describes the operating performance of EVN’s six segments and the effects of energy sector indicators on their development.

Business areasSegmentsActivities
Energy business
GenerationElectricity generation from thermal sources and renewable energies at Austrian and international locations
 Energy Trade and SupplyProcurement of electricity and primary energy sources, trading and sale of electricity and natural gas to end customers and on wholesale markets as well as heat generation and sale
 Network Infrastructure
Operation of regional electricity and natural gas networks as well as cable TV and telecommunications networks
 Energy Supply
South East Europe
Operation of electricity networks and electricity sales to end customer in Bulgaria and Macedonia, heat generation and sale in Bulgaria, electricity generation in Macedonia, construction and operation of natural gas networks in Croatia, energy trading throughout the entire region
Environmental services business
Environmental ServicesDrinking water supply, wastewater disposal and thermal waste incineration in Austria, operation of combined cycle heat and power co-generation plants in Moscow as well as international project business
Other business activities
Strategic Investments and
Other Business
Strategic and other investments, corporate services

Revenue by segment1)

EBIT by segmenten1)

EVN’s key energy business indicatorsGWh2013/142012/131)Change
in %
Electricity generation volumes 4,3953,70169418.7
Renewable energy sources 1,8681,954-86-4.4
Thermal energy sources 2,5271,74778044.7
Network distribution volumes 
Electricity 20,90820,916-80.0
Natural gas2) 14,14315,239-1,096-7.2
Energy sales volumes to end customers 
Electricity 19,31720,209-891-4.4
thereof Central and Western Europe3) 6,7877,188-401-5.6
thereof South Eastern Europe 12,53013,020-490-3.8
Natural gas 5,3836,333-950-15.0
Heat 1,9912,062-71-3.4
thereof Central and Western Europe2) 1,8061,857-51-2.8
thereof South Eastern Europe 185205-20-9.6



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