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About this report

EVN has published an integrated annual and sustainability report, the so-called “full report”1), for each financial year since 2009/10. The equal treatment of sustainability content, including the CSR programme, with the annual report and corporate governance report reflects EVN’s self-image as a responsible energy and environmental services provider. A central element of EVN’s integrated business model is the well-balanced treatment of its various stakeholder groups. Their diversity and different information requirements are given equal treatment in the full report. This year’s report is designed in such a way as to provide easier access to relevant information through a structure that is focused more closely on the individual stakeholder groups. This report meets the high “Advanced Level” standards defined by the UN Global Compact and also qualifies as a presentation of EVN’s progress.


Additional information on certain topics is provided on EVN’s homepage and cross-referenced in this report. The full report also includes references to the GRI standards and to other information within the report. Different reference signs are used to facilitate the reader’s orientation inside and outside the report. The signs used in the 2013/14 full report are listed below:

  • Reference to the GRI Standards
  • Reference to additional information within the full report
  • Reference to the World Wide Web


The full report was printed according to the “Cradle-to-Cradle“ principle This means that only pollutant-free and recyclable materials were used in the printing process. Thus, our high commitment to sustainability is underscored also in the production of our report.

Scope of the report

EVN’s financial year begins on 1 October and ends on 30 September. This report is based on EVN‘s scope of consolidation as of 30 September 2014 according to consolidation regulations. IFRS 10, 11 and 12 were applied for the first time in the 2013/14 financial year and led to adjustments in the scope of consolidation. Information on the scope of consolidation is provided in the notes. Unless indicated otherwise, the comparative prior period data were also adjusted to reflect the application of these revised standards.

This report meets the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Version 4 “comprehensive“ and includes the additional GRI indicators for the utility industry (Electric Utility Sector Supplements). EVN’s objective is to provide detailed information on the subjects that are of key importance to its stakeholders. The reporting content is based on legal requirements, the information needs of stakeholders and the most important areas of activity in EVN’s materiality matrix (see here). In developing this matrix, EVN’s internal and external stakeholders identified the areas that have the greatest impact, opportunities and risks on the company and its stakeholders. The CSR materiality matrix is evaluated on a regular basis to incorporate new trends and subjects that are relevant to the various stakeholder groups. The 2013/14 survey led to an update of the materiality matrix presented in the 2012/13 full report. A detailed list of the areas of activity and the related GRI aspects used to define the reporting content can be found online under www.evn.at/EVN-Group/responsibility/CSR-reporting.aspx In comparison to the prior year report there were neither material changes in the scope of the report nor in the presentation of information. In agreement with the GRI reporting standards, this report does not include information of low importance thereby maximising relevance and transparency by focusing on the most significant issues. The indicators that are not applicable to EVN are designated as such in the GRI Content Index at the end of this report.

The Environmental Protection and Controlling Department and the Accounting Department were responsible for the data collection and calculations. The data are based on the GRI indicator protocol, which was applied as completely as possible. Compliance with this reporting standard and the related criteria was reviewed and confirmed by TÜV SÜD (see here).

EVN also believes in equal gender treatment in its internal and external publications, including this full report. Any statements made in the male form to improve readability refer equally to both genders.

The editorial deadline for this report was 26 November 2014.

  • For further information on the definition of this report’s content, see here.
  • The GRI Content Index can be found here.



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