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Operating Highlights 2013/14

Energy business

  • Mild winter leads to weaker demand and decline in generation
    • Heating degree total in all supply areas below previous year: by 20.6 percentage points in Lower Austria, by 7.6 percentage points in Bulgaria and by 5.7 percentage points in Macedonia
    • Water flow and wind conditions negatively influenced by the weather; generation from renewable energy 4.4% lower than previous year
  • Adjustment of network tariffs and electricity prices
    • New network tariffs in Lower Austria: 9.0% reduction in electricity tariffs, 7.7% increase in natural gas tariffs (1 January 2014)
    • Energy price in electricity: average reduction of 10% for EnergieAllianz Austria household customers in Lower Austria (October 2014)
  • Focus on power plants
    • Commissioning of the Duisburg/Walsum coal-fired power plant (December 2013)
    • Marketing of power plants Theiß and Korneuburg: in total, 785 MW of reserve capacity for southern Germany (winter half-year 2013/14)
  • Increase in supply security
    • Expansion of 110 kV network in Lower Austria (July 2014)
    • Completion of 143 km Westschiene natural gas transport pipeline (May 2014)
  • Continuous expansion of renewable energy
    • Commissioning of the Prellenkirchen windpark with a capacity of 24 MW (February 2014)
    • Opening of the Schönkirchen photovoltaic plant with public participation (May 2014)
    • Construction of the Prottes-Ollersdorf windpark with a capacity of 37 MW (on-going)

Environmental service business

  • Investments in water supplies for Lower Austria
    • Takeover of operations for water supply network in the community of Göllersdorf (January 2014)
    • New pipeline and pressure regulation equipment to connect the community of Litschau to EVN‘s cross-regional supply network (June 2014)
    • Construction of natural filter plants for drinking water in Obersiebenbrunn and Drösing (on-going)
  • Erfreuliche Aufträge in CEE
    • Modernisation of the Pruszkow waste treatment plant in Warsaw, Poland (December 2013)
    • Planning and modernisation of the Kotor-Tivat waste treatment plant in Montenegro (February 2014)
    • Commissioning of the Mia Milia/Haspolat waste treatment plant in Nicosia, Cyprus (April 2014)


  • Financing basis strengthened
    • Conclusion of a EUR 400m revolving credit line for up to seven years (July 2014)



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