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Consolidated statement of operations

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Other operating income2671.195.2
Cost of materials and services27-1,284.0-1,280.3
Personnel expenses28-313.0-305.3
Other operating expenses30-359.0-170.4
Share of results from equity accounted investees with operational nature3194.095.0
Depreciation and amortisation29-256.0-237.9
Effects from impairment tests29-269.5-59.9
Results from operating activities (EBIT)-341.4242.2
Share of results from equity accounted investees with financial nature2.8-29.6
Results from other investments42.426.8
Interest income23.528.4
Interest expense-96.7-93.8
Other financial results-4.0-3.3
Financial results32-31.9-71.5
Result before income tax-373.3170.7
Income tax33102.8-17.9
Result for the period-270.5152.8
thereof result attributable to EVN AG shareholders (Group net result)-299.0109.3
thereof result attributable to non-controlling interests28.543.5
Earnings per share in EUR2)34-1.680.61
Dividend per share in EUR0.423)0.42



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